YouTube is developing an application that competes with TikTok

Tram Ho

YouTube is the dominant online video platform, but things changed when TikTok launched. TikTok only includes short and super short videos, but it is very interesting and is increasingly popular among young people around the world.

Therefore, YouTube does not want to be left behind in this new trend. Google’s online video platform is also developing an application similar to TikTok, called Shorts. As the name implies, this app will only include short and funny videos.

YouTube đang phát triển ứng dụng cạnh tranh với TikTok - Ảnh 1.

Shorts will allow people to post videos on a vertical interface of the mobile app, just like TikTok, and will take advantage of the licensed copyright music that YouTube Music now has. TikTok also has a list of songs and music, allowing users to choose to create their own videos.

YouTube wants to develop an application competing with TikTok that is very understandable. Because TikTok has grown by 125% in the last 2 years, with about 842 million downloads on both iOS and Android in the last 12 months. TikTok is no longer just a simple application, it has gradually become a culture among young people.

This is not the first time YouTube has learned its rival. Prior to that, YouTube also integrated Stories features like Instagram or Snapchat.

With a platform of more than 2 billion monthly users, and extremely rich licensed playlists, YouTube is likely to become TikTok’s formidable competitor. In addition, Facebook is also developing a version of its own TikTok, called Lasso and is being tested in Brazil.

Reference: theverge

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