A camera sensor could be about to die on Samsung Galaxy Note 20?

Tram Ho

According to the latest rumors, Samsung may remove an image sensor on the Galaxy Note 20. This move may come from users using less of a camera on their flagship models.

Một cảm biến camera có thể sắp bị Samsung khai tử trên Galaxy Note 20? - Ảnh 1.

Specifically, rumors from South Korea revealed that Samsung is planning to remove the ToF sensor or the depth sensor on the Galaxy Note 20 because statistics show that users rarely use this sensor.

It was previously reported that Samsung was considering bringing ToF sensor on non-flagship smartphones. However, the Korean electronics company may have rethinked because users rarely use this sensor, causing an unnecessary waste.

ToF sensors or sensors are used on specialized 3D cameras to measure the depth and distance from the camera to the object. This sensor plays an important role, supports taking pictures of blurry blur, more realistic and even supports AR applications. This sensor works by measuring the time it takes for a light beam to bounce back to the sensor on the camera.

Samsung is also launching a number of software features to take advantage of ToF sensors, including Live Focus or Quick Measure.

In fact, this sensor is actually not necessary for the bokeh effect in videos. Because users can also achieve the desired effect by software.

If Samsung really removes the ToF sensor on the Galaxy Note 20, it will help it save a small amount in product development and assembly costs. However, it is clear that the technology industry will need to wait until the Galaxy Note 20 launches to confirm the rumor.

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