Flutter Boost: Router management

Tram Ho

A hybrid solution between Flutter and Native. FlutterBoost is a Flutter plugin that allows Flutter integration for your existing native apps with minimal effort. The FlutterBoost philosophy is that using Flutter is as easy as using a WebView. Managing Native UIs and Flutter UIs at the same time is not uncommon in an existing application. FlutterBoost manages pages for you. The only thing you need to care about is the name of the page (usually a URL).


  1. Before continuing, you need to integrate Flutter into your existing project.
  2. The Flutter SDK supported by Boost 3.0 is> = 1.22


Add dependencies to your Flutter project.

Open your pubspec.yaml and add the following line to the dependencies:

FlutterBoost integration

Integration into Flutter project

  1. Initialize :

  1. Boost Lifecycle monitoring:

  1. Page jump

Open the page:

Close the page

Integrate into Android project

  1. Initialize

  1. AndroidManifest.xml

  1. Open and close Flutter page

Integration into iOS project

  1. AppDelegate

  1. FlutterBoostDelegate

  1. Open and close Flutter page



Link: https://github.com/alibaba/flutter_boost

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