Top 150 software testing interview questions and answers (Part 4)

Tram Ho

121. Whose error will it be found by whom?

Testers (Tester, QA)

122. What is the current worldwide standard of documents?

None of them.

123. Who are the software requirements from?


124. Is the following action true or false? Some serious bugs are fixed in the software. All of them are in one module. Testers decide to only perform regression testing on that module.

Wrong. Regression testing should also be performed on other modules because fixing one module may affect other modules.

125. Why would boundary value analysis provide good test cases?

Because errors often arise during programming with different cases close to the value range.

126. What makes testing different from other evaluation types?

It is managed by a trained manager who uses official input and output test criteria and lists.

  1. Why does testing depend on configuration?

Because the configuration guarantees to provide the correct version of the test software and the test object.

128. What is model V?

A software development model that illustrates integration testing activities with software development phases

129. What is maintenance testing?

Perform when modifying, moving or closing existing software

130. What is the test scope?

Test coverage in a specific way. The number of tests performed by a test suite (with different perspectives, for example, using specification-based techniques). Test with some cases, then we can measure the scope.

131. Why is incremental integration preferred over “big bang” integration?

Because the incremental integration has better screening and error classification.

132. What is the process starting with the terminal module, called?

Integrated from the bottom up

133. What time of the test operation can be found to be most cost effective?

In the test planning process

134. What is the purpose of the request phase?

To finalize requirements, to understand user needs, to determine the scope of testing.

  1. Why do we divide testing into separate stages?

We divide the test into separate phases for the following reasons:

Each testing phase has a different purpose. Easy management for phased testing It is possible to run different tests in different environments Performance and quality of testing is improved by using staged testing.

136. What is DRE?

To measure test efficiency, a necessary metric used to measure test efficiency is called DRE (Error Removal Effect). From this data, we will know how many errors have been found. from the set of test cases. The formula for DRE calculation is

DRE = Number of errors during testing / number of errors during test + number of errors found by the user

137. Which of the following is most likely to benefit from the use of test tools to test when there is a change in any module in the software?

A) Regression test b) Integration test c) System test d) User acceptance test

Regression test

138. How to estimate the number of retries that may be required?

Data from similar projects have participated and previous discussions with the software development team.

139. What is data stream analysis?

The data usage on the path through the code.

  1. What is failure?

failure is a departure from the specified behavior.

141. What is comparative testing?

This is a test if you put some input into the software, but never see if the software will produce accurate results? The essence of testing is to check that the software produces the correct results and we must compare what the software creates with what it should create. Test comparators help automate software requirements.

142. Who is responsible for recording all issues and solutions identified in the review meeting?


143. What is the main purpose of informal assessment

A low cost way to get some benefits

144. What is the purpose of a test design technique?

Identify test conditions and Identify test cases

145. When testing a “Score calculation” system. The tester determines that all points from 90 to 100 will yield A, but a score below 90 will not. What is this analysis called?

Partitioning equivalent

146. How should someone be selected to be able to use the resources available for automated testing of web applications?

The best option is a tester with automated testing skills, web expert, DBA

147. During module testing, ‘X’ found an error and assigned it to DEV. But DEV refused to correct it, saying it was not an error. What should ‘X’ do?

Submit details about the error encountered and attach evidence.

What is the type of integrated test in which software, hardware, or both are combined at the same time into a component or an overall system, rather than by phase?

Big-Bang test

149. In fact, which Lifecycle model may have more levels of development and testing, less or different, depending on the project and the software product. For example, can there be component integration testing then system integration testing?

V-shaped pattern

150. What techniques can be used to achieve input and output coverage? Can be applied to user input, input through interfaces to a system, or interface parameters in integration testing?

Partitioning equivalent

151. What is the “life cycle model which is driven by schedule and budget risks”?

V-shaped pattern

152. In what order are test cases run?

The most important thing must be tested first

  1. The later in the development life cycle, the more an error is discovered.

The bug has been integrated into many documents, code, tests, etc.

154. What is Coverage measurement?

It is a method for thorough testing.

155. What is a boundary value test?

Check for upper, lower, and upper boundary conditions of input and output equivalence classes. For example, suppose a banking application where you can withdraw up to 20,000 rupees and at least 1 rupee, in the boundary value test only checks the correct boundary, instead of hitting in the middle. That means checking above the maximum limit and below the minimum limit.

156. What does COTS stand for?

Commercial Off The Shelf.

157. What is the authorization for specific tests to be performed on a system or network similar to the environment in which the product under test which will be used at release is called?

Test environment

158. What can be considered based on a project plan, but with a greater amount of details?

Test plan for each stage

159. What is agile application development?

Rapid application development (RAD) is a parallel development of functions and subsequent integration. Components / functions are developed in parallel as if they were small projects, developments are collected over time, distributed and then assembled into an operational prototype. Quickly give customers something to see and use and provide feedback on their deliveries and requests. It is possible to change and develop products quickly by this method.


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