Youtube testing package “Premium Lite”: Block cheap Youtube ads

Tram Ho

Youtube is a completely free video viewing platform, provided, of course, that users will have to accept ads. In the past few years, Youtube has implemented a paid “Premium” package with the ability to remove ads and some other benefits such as downloading videos, watching videos in the background or Youtube music player application. Music.

However, not everyone uses those features, and they just want to remove ads on Youtube with a cheaper package price. Understanding this, Youtube is currently testing a new paid package called “Premium Lite” in some European countries.

True to what users expect, the Premium Lite package has only one “feature” which is to remove ads on all platforms such as web, mobile or TV. All other features of the traditional Premium package such as downloading videos or playing videos in the background are removed on Premium Lite.

In return, Premium Lite will be much cheaper. In some countries where Youtube is testing Premium Lite including Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland; Premium Lite costs 6.99 euros/month. Meanwhile, in these countries, the “full” Premium package costs 11.99 euros/month. Thus, it can be seen that the Premium Lite package will be nearly half cheaper than the Premium package.

Youtube thử nghiệm gói Premium Lite: Chặn quảng cáo Youtube giá rẻ - Ảnh 1.

It is also worth repeating that Premium Lite is still in the “beta” phase, so it is entirely possible that Google will have certain policy changes in the near future. However, if Google deploys on a large scale with a reasonable cost, Premium Lite will most likely become a “hot” package in the face of the increasing demand for YouTube ad blocking in recent years.

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