Xiaomi just held an event like the Olympics to put down all the frustration for Huawei

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Over the past 2 years, DxOMark photo pixels have been almost Huawei’s own marketing trick. Although Google and Apple revolutionized the photography concept, despite the P30 / Mate30 errors in the color image error, Huawei products took turns standing on top of DxO. Before November 5, the absolute No. 1 position belonged to Huawei – the gap between Mate 30 Pro and Galaxy Note10 was up to 4 points.

On November 5, Xiaomi broke that position. With a phone priced at only 2799 yuan, or about half the price of the Mate 30 Pro, Xiaomi has “climbed” to the top of DxO with Huawei. On the stage, behind the billionaire Lei Jun, Xiaomi proudly shows off a solemn “podium”: Mi CC9 Pro and Mate 30 Pro topped, Galaxy Note10 ranked second and mistakenly third …

For the past half year, Xiaomi has been making constant efforts to achieve its goals and constantly asks itself” can this time surpass Huawei? “, Lei Jun constantly reminded his compatriot, that Huawei is the destination in an Olympic marathon.

Xiaomi vừa tổ chức một sự kiện như Thế vận hội để dồn nén hết sự uất ức dành cho Huawei - Ảnh 1.

Just like the Olympic award ceremony for yourself (and opponents) !!!

And Xiaomi … finish! It’s hard to say how proud Xiaomi is. Not to mention the level of authenticity of DxOMark , the fact that few competitors can “joke” Huawei in this way. Before Xiaomi, Samsung could sometimes bring the product to stand with or stand on Huawei, but the Galaxy phones that can do this all start at a higher price bracket than Huawei. Now, Xiaomi can do this with a mid-range phone, the price is lower than the “regular” Mate 30.

DxOMark assesses that Xiaomi has officially become a developed and level phone company with 3 big names: Apple, Samsung and Huawei “, CEO Lei Quan affirmed.

Accumulated compression

Apple is probably Xiaomi’s life (as evidenced by the blatant copy of Apple Watch just a few days ago). Comparing with Samsung is also understandable, because the Korean giant is still dominating the high-end Android smartphone market. But compare it to Huawei and be proud of it?

The reason is easy to understand because Xiaomi is miserable by Huawei. In the third quarter, due to the backward effect of the ban from the US government, Huawei became the hottest phone brand in China. Amid a 3% market decline, Huawei grew again at … 66%.

Xiaomi vừa tổ chức một sự kiện như Thế vận hội để dồn nén hết sự uất ức dành cho Huawei - Ảnh 2.

Huawei grew, Xiaomi was in the top recession. “Spicy”? Spicy!

In the same quarter, Xiaomi lost 4.5 million units. Xiaomi is one of the phone companies that has suffered when Chinese users have turned to Huawei. Certainly Xiaomi has been very “spicy”, because in the current situation, Xiaomi needs to prove to investors that the future of growth is still ahead. In the third quarter, Huawei took away that future of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi’s bitterness is so great that the CEO had to threaten the company’s engineers: “Do not beat Huawei’s DxOMark, do not receive a reward!”. But it is also a perfectly reasonable threat: DxOMark plays an important part in creating images for the top Huawei lines, and the top Huawei lines obviously play an important role in the journey. “of Huawei at home and around the globe. A smartphone that beats or stands on the same level as Huawei will become a testament to Xiaomi’s potential. Those who do not learn thoroughly, do not update the technology will only look at DxOMark and think that Xiaomi is as beautiful as Huawei.

Even Xiaomi can stand with Huawei just by a cheap product. If only 2799 Yuan (Mi CC9 Pro price) and resolutely choose Huawei, users will only buy Nova 5i Pro only. Huawei doesn’t even build relationships for DxOMark to evaluate this smartphone, but if it does, Nova 5i Pro will not be able to beat Mate 30 Pro and Mi CC9 Pro.

Xiaomi vừa tổ chức một sự kiện như Thế vận hội để dồn nén hết sự uất ức dành cho Huawei - Ảnh 3.

A controversial figure, but Xiaomi will show off again and again to prove that it is on par with Huawei.

Will all these advantages help Xiaomi slightly improve the situation at home, can improve a little bit of the situation where Huawei “crushes its neck” like today? Let’s look forward to perhaps the exciting smartphone war that has never been seen in the last decade.

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ