Xiaomi Chairman showed that Xiaomi’s research & development team has increased from 400 to 3700 in 3 years, having a camera department.

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Yesterday, Xiaomi introduced CC9 Pro smartphone with 5 rear cameras, 108 MP main sensor. After the event, Xiaomi President, Lin Bin, said the company’s camera department has done a lot of work over the years. According to him, Xiaomi’s R&D team has grown from about 400 to more than 3,700 in just 3 years. This shows how fast the company is growing.

Chủ tịch Xiaomi khoe team nghiên cứu & phát triển của Xiaomi đã tăng từ 400 lên 3700 người trong 3 năm, có bộ phận chuyên về camera - Ảnh 1.

Xiaomi president

Lin Bin has stopped sharing in the media since Xiaomi went public. The company has undergone a series of organizational restructuring since its listing. In addition, the company now focuses on R&D with a focus on the camera department.

In May 2018, Lei Jun sent an internal letter to Xiaomi employees saying that the company would set up a separate camera department. This division will belong to the company’s smartphone segment. And yesterday, with CC9 Pro, we saw the performance of this department. For the first time, a Xiaomi phone topped the DxOMark rankings.

Lin Bin also revealed that Xiaomi MIX Alpha is a very thorough endeavor of Xiaomi on smartphone screens. According to Lin Bin, some adjustments after the IPO listing are taking effect.

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