WSJ: Tim Cook is not interested in design, Jony I disagree with many senior leaders before leaving

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The latest information from WSJ gives us a clearer view of the relationship between high-ranking characters inside Apple and the conflict between Jony Ive and other executives. This information also coincides with what Bloomberg once said a few days ago. Most notable is probably the fact that Tim Cook is not interested in design work, product development process, completely different from previous Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs and Jony Ive are a very good couple when working, partly because they both promote design. Steve Jobs once said this: “design is not just about how it looks, how it feels. Design is also the way it works. ” However, with Tim Cook, WSJ quoted many sources as saying that Jony Ive was disappointed that Tim Cook was not interested in the design process. There are reports that many times when Tim Cook first saw the new product is at the product launch event.

Not only passionate about design, Jony Ive also wants the product as a fashion accessory, typically Apple Watch. The newspaper said that Jony Ive convinced Apple to be a Watch despite the disagreement of many other top leaders, Ive also participated very closely in the development process and met with the design team almost every day. With Watch, he not only saw it as a technology device connected to the iPhone, he considered it a fashion item, perhaps that’s why Apple used to be the Watch Edition for $ 17,000.

However, after Apple Watch was released, Jony Ive began to leave, sometimes not attending meetings. The promotion of his design manager in 2015 helped to reduce the daily management work but the human interface team (HI) and industrial designers still wanted to consult and decide from Jony Ive by two leaders. The new religion is not assertive enough.

This time began to reveal many problems and showed that Jony Ive didn’t seem to be interested in the job anymore. In January 2017, when the development of iPhone X was speeding up, a security lock box was escorted to Apple Park by the security team (including the iPhone X prototype). The design team presented many new features to wait for approval from Jony Ive, including how to switch from the lock screen to the main screen. However, this team was disappointed because Jony Ive did not give them any advice or advice.

The year 2017 also marked the process of restructuring senior leadership when Jony Ive was asked to come back to take care of the day-to-day management. However, WSJ said that he was still absent and lost contact because many flights back to England (Ive’s home town) to visit his sick father.

In addition, some highlights summarize from the WSJ article as follows:

  • Not only was it not salty with the design, Jony Ive was also disappointed that Apple’s new leadership team didn’t have much experience, or was unrelated to the company’s business model.
  • Apple will pay the company Ive founded named LoveForm millions of dollars each year to continue working with Apple.
  • The design team continues to develop AR glasses.
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