Win an iPhone 6!!!

Ngoc Huynh

The brand new iPhone 6 is a fusion of advanced technology, design and simplicity; no wonder there’s a high demand for one.

With the opportunity to Win an Iphone 6 here – everyone would love to get their hands on one; but with the current financial situation it’s not that easy.

That’s why there’s nothing more exciting than winning a brand spanking new iPhone 6, free of charge.

If you are an IT professional living in Vietnam, and you like the sound of that, read on to find out how to grab a free iPhone without breaking a sweat. is a new initiative for IT professionals living in Vietnam helping them find the best appropriate jobs and making sure they enjoy a good career path.

As IT professional, you want to sign up on the website or login with your Facebook or Linkedin profile, fill out your resume (or if you are too busy, submit your Word or PDF resume and let our staff fill the resume out for you) and automatically join our program in winning an iPhone 6.

The IT professional winning the iPhone 6 will be published on the website in an article the end of April.


The ITJobs HR Department

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