Will this be the most anticipated mid-range smartphone in August by Vietnamese technology circles?

Tram Ho

The time near the end of the year is always the time when the shopping demand of users increases sharply. This is also the time when manufacturers actively launched new smartphones with many worthwhile upgrades to attract users. OPPO is no exception when recently, rumors said it will officially launch the next Reno smartphone for young people this August in Vietnam market.

OPPO Reno4 – What’s hot in the new Reno?

As a smartphone for young people, OPPO always equips its Reno line with outstanding features that suit the tastes of users. It can be mentioned as a remarkable beautiful design, a camera cluster for extremely good quality to strong performance in the segment, or even in terms of software – ColorOS 7.2, the new operating system on OPPO Reno4 will give users an unprecedented use experience on any smartphone today.

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According to some rumors, in the new generation of Reno4, OPPO has integrated quite a lot of extremely attractive features as well as never appeared on any product line in Vietnam market. These features will be a highlight to attract users of the new Reno line because OPPO is always interested in what young users need in a smartphone.

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Thanks to the interest in users and quality products such as Reno, OPPO is now one of the leading smartphone brands in Vietnam. According to a report from market research company GfK, in the first quarter of last year, the market share of OPPO smartphones accounted for 22.4%, ranking the second among the most popular brands in Vietnam. To achieve this, it is impossible not to mention the success of the OPPO Reno line during the past time.

OPPO Reno4 – The perfect successor

Since its appearance, OPPO Reno series has made users admired by the design of the device when using the unique “shark fin” language at the time, making the Reno line one of the brightest product lines. Create high on design. Since then OPPO Reno has won the hearts of Vietnamese users from the first days of entering the fierce smartphone market.

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Over many generations, OPPO Reno has always inherited the quintessence and characteristics on its predecessor Reno lines, while bringing in innovations to be more consistent with the changing technology trend and development. development.

Based on what the Reno line has conquered users in the past, we can completely count on the success of the next generation OPPO Reno4.

OPPO Reno4 will be officially launched in Vietnam market on August 1 here.

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