Where to replace glass and laminated smartphone where quality?

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However, we all know that not every store can guarantee the quality and price of this service. So where is the best place for your pet cricket?

Thay mặt kính và ép kính điện thoại thông minh ở đâu chất lượng? - Ảnh 1.

Some notes before changing the glass and pressing the smartphone

Broken or broken phone glass to replace is something that no one wants. But if unfortunately you are experiencing this situation, then note some of the following:

Determining the extent of damage

First, you need to determine if the broken glass of the phone is affecting other hardware of the phone. Because there are some phone shops that often talk too much about the error to increase the cost of repairs. Therefore, you should check exactly which part of the machine is broken and only replace it.

Quality replacement glass

In fact, the glass surface of each phone line has different structures, just like Android phones are not the same as iPhone phones. Not only that, the price of each type also varies, requiring you to be observant and know a little about the glass lines of the phone you are using.

Thay mặt kính và ép kính điện thoại thông minh ở đâu chất lượng? - Ảnh 2.

The “bad” glasses are often of poor quality, low durability, poor clarity and inadequate touch. For iPhone glasses, you can check the brightness and clarity of the glass too. At the same time you can also test the durability of the glass by dropping from above or throwing the glass away with a strong force, standard zin glasses will have no problem. For Android phone glasses like Samsung, Xiaomi … it will be more difficult to distinguish. We can only review the overall design of the exterior, zin glass will have gloss, tightness as well as smooth sensitivity after replacement.

So, please check the quality of the glass before deciding to change.

“Choose the right to send gold” so that reasonable?

Actually, there are many centers and shops that replace glasses and pressed glasses for samsung and iphone in Vietnam. However, there are also shops with good replacement quality, and there will also be stores that only work through the speaker to collect money.

So you should consider and consult your relatives, friends and even online to be able to choose reputable stores. Especially with high-value smartphones such as iPhone and Samsung, choosing a reputable store to “send gold” is very important.

It is best not to be cheap, because you will probably encounter the situation of “loss of money” with the deceptive tricks of some reputable establishments.

Tell you the address on behalf of the glass and pressed iPhone, Samsung top quality Hanoi

In Hanoi, there are hundreds and thousands of shops offering services on behalf of telephone glass spread throughout the city. Among them is Truesmart phone repair system , an address appreciated by professionalism and prestige during 11 years of operation.

Thay mặt kính và ép kính điện thoại thông minh ở đâu chất lượng? - Ảnh 3.

Truesmart is always committed to ensuring the interests of customers through quality products, in addition the center also attaches great importance to the quality of service with warranty and after-sales. What few other repair shops or centers can do.

At Truesmart, the process of changing and pressing glass is performed by skilled technicians with good professional qualifications. You can observe the whole process of replacing and squeezing your beloved smartphone. The screen after pressing will be carefully tested and fully assembled to hand over to you. All operations are very mature, gentle but definitive, combined with modern machinery to bring customers the most standard products.

Truesmart’s repair stages are public, the fee is clear and comes with a long-term warranty for services. In particular, the service of replacing glass and pressing smartphone glass, especially iPhone and Samsung series, has a warranty of up to 12 months. Ensure maximum benefits of customers when using the service here.

If your mobile phone is damaged glass or have any problems, come to Truesmart to experience the most professional and quality services.

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