Where did the Dogecoin dog icon come from?

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With the virtual currency world, Dogecoin is no longer a joke. This satirical cryptocurrency surged 800% in 24 hours on a late January day. At that time, billionaire Elon Musk happily helped the Reddit community fight Wall Street short sellers with a tweet, in return for this community. together push Dogecoin ‘to the moon’.

Dogecoin then continued to fly high, reaching a value of $0.45 in mid-April thanks to the support of Elon Musk, hit rapper Snoop Dogg, legendary bassist Gene Simmons before peaking at $0.73 at the beginning of the month. 5 with a record capitalization of $90 billion, ranking fourth in the entire crypto market at the time.

Biểu tượng chú chó Dogecoin từ đâu mà ra? - Ảnh 1.

Elon Musk and the Dogecoin price blows since the beginning of this year.

Going back in time, Dogecoin was created by engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in December 2013 as a way to prove the worthlessness of cryptocurrencies. This satirical cryptocurrency uses a mock-up of the famous Japanese Shiba Inu dog as its symbol.

Initially, this meme went viral on the Internet in the early 2010s, creating a fever at both the US Comic Sans comic fair and appearing a lot in 9gag’s photo manipulation culture.

The original photo was taken on February 23, 2010 by the dog’s owner, a preschool teacher named Atsuko Sato. Ms. Sato started blogging 8 months ago to update daily information about her pet dog, named Kabosu.

The name is named after a large round Japanese lemon variety. The female dog Shiba Inu was adopted by her at a dog shelter that closed in 2008 surrounded by many Kabosu lemon trees.

When the photo became famous, Atsuko Sato was interviewed to ask about the moment. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember anything. “It took me a while, it looked very strange. It was the Kabosu that I didn’t recognize,” she told reporters in 2013.

“To be honest, a lot of the pictures to me look weird but still funny. I am quite impressed with the taste and skill of this breed. None of my neighbors know anything about this meme. I don’t really understand memes myself, maybe because I live a life like them,” she confessed.

According to Ms. Sato, the reason Kabosu was able to create such a moment of life is because it is so different from other Shiba Inu dogs. It is very gentle and calm, it also loves to be photographed.

Biểu tượng chú chó Dogecoin từ đâu mà ra? - Ảnh 2.

In addition to the classic photo, the Kabosu dog also has many funny expressions.

Kabosu was not well looked after as a child, so Ms. Sato said she wanted to give him a life filled with family love. That’s why she started blogging to share pet care knowledge, thanks to which Kabosu and 19 other dogs were adopted and cared for.

On April 1, 2017, a Chinese television station broadcast a report that the dog Kabosu died as a joke on April Fools’ Day. Fortunately, this dog is still healthy at the age of 16.

In addition to the Shiba Inu, Japan is also famous for the Akita Inu dog breed that goes down in history with the legendary story of the loyal Hachiko dog waiting for its owner to die. These breeds are all represented by some virtual currency with corresponding names during the pet-type cryptocurrency craze last month.

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