VWS2016 arrived in Hanoi, tickets were almost finished before the event

After the big buzz in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Web Summit 2016 (VWS2016) will officially be in Hanoi for 3 more days to continue this series of national technology events this time. It is known that the last event was sold out one week before the event on October 22. The topics and team of speakers this time are highly appreciated compared to other technology events nationwide. VWS is currently attracting more than 7000 attendees in 3 major cities across the country.

Continuing his journey, the event promises to continue to bring to Hanoi the place the presentation is no less interesting than in HCMC . Especially with the presence of big names such as Google, Microsoft, FPT, VinGroup, Redweb, … Their share is the most valuable luggage for programmers on their way to advance. .

Mr. Jason Lee, representative of Google Singapore, is presenting the latest updates from Google

After the event in Ho Chi Minh City, there were many programmers as well as those who are working in the digital marketing industry getting new jobs from employers right at the event. Not only that, they also have more relationships with the seniors themselves. The direct questions of the audience have been answered by dedicated speakers right on stage. In addition to the extremely interesting topics in Ho Chi Minh City, let's take a look at the topics that are expected to blow up the heat in Hanoi this weekend.

1. Speaker from Google Translate


Every day, Google Translate processes enough data for 100 million books and it is getting better every day thanks to the machine learning application. Details, how did they do? Keith Stevens, who directly participates in this product, will give us a close look at the technologies in Google Translate.

2. 7 lessons of making products of Tung Jacob in Mobile World


As the main responsible for the website of TGDD and Green Electronics, Mr. Tung will share more valuable and valuable lessons for gold producers, especially websites with more than 1 million hits per day.

3. How is Zing social network of VNG built?

Mr. Chau Nguyen Nhat Thanh

Mr. Chau Nguyen Nhat Thanh and Mr. Vu Van Tiep are two VNG's characters flying out of Saigon to share with Hanoi audience about the structure and technologies and techniques to build a social network to serve dozens million users

4. Good products also have a high risk of failure?


These are valuable sharing over 10 years of start-up of Mr. Nguyen Van Vung, CEO of Adtop. Graduating from the TFI founder training course and the recent successes after many years of rolling start-up will give the audience a more honest view of the fierce start-up: Good products are not sure to succeed, so it is necessary What other factors?

5. CDN system distributes content to dozens of websites, tens of millions of users


Coming from VCCorp, the unit is behind news websites such as Dan Tri, Channel 14, CafeF … and e-commerce platforms such as En Silver, Rong Bay, Zamba … Every day, the CDN content distribution system must be served. billions of requests, how did they build this system?

6. Control system website security


All websites, when built, exist unforeseen vulnerabilities and how to find and fix vulnerabilities? Coming from VCCorp, the unit behind news websites such as Dan Tri, Channel 14, CafeF … and e-commerce platforms such as En Bac, Rong Bay, Zamba … Mr. Nguyen Dang Thu will share IT Security Auditing topic , help the audience with basic knowledge in controlling security errors

7. Analyze data, understand data to accelerate businesses


As an interesting presentation of Mr. Truong Manh Quan, CEO Beeketing, startup on ecommerce application of bigdata and analytic data to develop, you will understand the concept of an enterprise being operated, changed and developed by data such as how. This factor also helps Beeketing overcome many competitors from the US to spend $ 400,000 investment from US funds.

Along with speakers from FPT, Microsoft, Google will bring to Vietnam Web Summit 2016 a sumptuous knowledge party about mobile and web industries that you cannot ignore.

9. How to build an e-commerce website


Mr. Tran Quang Kien, Adayroi's product development manager will share with the audience rare information about shopper behavior and how to build e-commerce products, very useful for those who intend to build sales website.

And there's more to discover …


With more than 20 topics in each city, the audience promises to have the most exciting and rewarding moments. In particular, the speaker this year is the leader or product manager team, who directly develop products. Therefore, they will have very insightful views on the issues that audiences often care about most. The duration for each topic is also designed by the organizers according to the format of the international conferences to accommodate more audiences.

Estimated time of the series:

* TD. Hanoi: Forevermark Convention Center – 614 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho District, HN.

Time: 08h00 – 17:30 on October 29, 2016

* TP. Danang:

Time: 08h00 – 17:30 on November 5, 2016

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