Vietnamese Talents Awards 2015 sees promising IT products

Ngoc Huynh

Eighteen outstanding products have been selected to the final round of the Dan Tri Newspaper’s Vietnamese Talents Awards 2015, which will be held on November 20.

Some of the most promising products include sound mixing technology to children’s English teaching software. Midi Utility X6, which allows users to create their own remixes at fast speed even without prior knowledge about sound mixing, and Monkey Junior, a children’s English teaching software have the potential to be popular.

Monkey Junior

Meanwhile, there are also several products aim at urban management such as public lighting management system PowerEco, collecting and digitising traffic signs software WONAV CT or online ticket booking system VeXeRe.


Business-oriented products has UIT-VISLOGOREC support brand management with a system to recognise logos in photos and videos.

NAVISTAR helps raise the accuracy and safety of GPS and GNSS and VENGME H.264/AVC is an IC chip helps encrypts video signals.


Among the promising products is Handi Glass, a product that helps disabled people who can’t move their hands properly, use computer more easily.

As mobile phones have become an integral part of many people, phone apps and products are popular.

TiengAnh123, an English learning app for those who have little time and BUSMAP helps people in HCM City find their stops and routes more easily. BUSMAP is also the first app in Vietnam that supports searching for routes without an internet connection. Meanwhile, Piiship is an app connecting drivers and people that have commodities to transport.


Also for mobile phones are TP-SAFE, an emergency service that will come to the users and notify their family at the same time; and mobile phone charge management WhyPay.

Participating in the awards are four products that have been applied and proved their efficiency. They are hospital management software Benh Vien Dien Tu, remote electronic meter data collecting product IFC-ARM, products that help connect microscopes with other electronic devices such as tablets and mobile phones NHV-CAM and company management software Fast Business Online.

Fast Business Online

The awards ceremony will start at 8pm on November 20 at the Vietnam-Soviet Union Cultural Friendship Palace in Hanoi.

The event has become one of the country’s leading IT, science, healthcare and environmental awards.

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