Users should only standardize their subscriptions if they receive this message, be careful not to lose money and lose the SIM as well

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From March 15, operators Viettel, VinaPhone, MobiFone, … have started to notify users with information that does not match the national population database. Account holders are instructed to standardize subscriber information so that communication is not interrupted.

However, from this time, there are many cases where people receive notification calls from strange phone numbers impersonating the State Administration or the network operators requesting to provide personal information for standardization. subscriber information if will lock the phone. Therefore, network operators say that users need to be careful about fraudulent and impersonating calls.

Người dùng chỉ nên chuẩn hoá thuê bao nếu nhận được tin nhắn này, cẩn thận mất tiền mất luôn cả SIM - Ảnh 1.

Depending on the carrier, the texting syntax will be different, but valid and regular messages must be sent from the carrier’s brand name (Photo: VT)

To avoid being deceived, users should only update and standardize subscriber information if they receive messages from carriers. So how to receive a message from a new carrier that needs to check subscriber information?

Accordingly, users need to pay attention, if they see a message from the bradname of the network operator (Viettel, VinaPhone, MobiFone), notice about the invitation to update, check subscriber information or notice that the subscriber number does not match. If it matches the national population database, people should follow the instructions of the network operator, to avoid the case of SIM lock after March 31.

Người dùng chỉ nên chuẩn hoá thuê bao nếu nhận được tin nhắn này, cẩn thận mất tiền mất luôn cả SIM - Ảnh 2.

Người dùng chỉ nên chuẩn hoá thuê bao nếu nhận được tin nhắn này, cẩn thận mất tiền mất luôn cả SIM - Ảnh 3.

Customers need to understand the process of guiding the standardization of personal data of carriers so as not to be “sticked” to fraudulent messages and calls.

According to the provisions of Decree 49/2017/ND-CP, by the end of January 31, if mobile subscribers have information that does not match with information in the national population database, they will be disqualified. lock account. This move is to thoroughly solve the situation of using junk SIM or SIM with incorrect information declared as prescribed.

Mobile subscribers who currently have mismatched information will receive notification messages from carriers to update personal information for subscriber accounts. Since receiving the notification, the subscriber has 15 days to update the information before being locked out of one-way communication.

After the next 15 days, if the information is still not updated correctly, the subscriber will be blocked from two-way communication. 60 days after receiving the first notice without updating the information, the mobile subscription will be terminated.

Viettel network operator: The first text message to invite customers to standardize subscriber information will have the brand name VIETTEL.

Customer care phone number (CSKH) will text / call to notify customers requesting standardization of subscriber information as well as customer feedback: Phone: 024 6266 0198 – Alias: VIETTELCSKH. App name, link to update customer information via My Viettel app or at

MobiFone network operator: SMS message number to invite customers to update subscriber information with MobiFone brand name.

Call center to receive feedback and support from MobiFone: 18001090/9090. Customers can update subscriber information via the My MobiFone app or on the website

OTP SMS sending switchboard number: 9811 (in the process of entering the subscriber number to update, the system will ask to enter the OTP to confirm the updated customer information).

Vinaphone – VNPT operator: 18001091 customer care center will support and answer customers with all necessary information in the process of standardizing subscriber information. This network operator sends SMS messages to customers who need to re-declare personal information via the brandname VinaPhone number; Notification calls will be made via phone numbers 0888001091, 0911001091 and automatic calls with the display brand as VinaPhone.

At the same time, check and standardize subscriber information through the My VNPT application or through the website

Vietnamobile operator: Hotline 0921.667.667 or contact information at

The network operator Itelecom has a hotline 0877.087.087; SMS invites customers to update their subscription information named iTel or use the myitel application.

ASIM operator: phone number 19001900 branch 1 will text or call to notify customers; Notification calls to customers using Voice Brandname named LOCAL and notification messages to customers via SMS named; the application is

WINTEL network operator: customer care hotline 1800 556 883; Wintel update app.

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