Twitter is in talks to buy social networking app Clubhouse, for $ 4 billion

Tram Ho

According to a Bloomberg report, Twitter is in talks with Clubhouse, to buy the hot social networking application for about $ 4 billion. The talks are said to have ended, but the final results have yet to be revealed.

The Clubhouse application allows members to host online chat, similar to radio. It could be a guest interview or a discussion between many members.

Twitter đang đàm phán để mua lại ứng dụng mạng xã hội Clubhouse, với giá 4 tỷ USD - Ảnh 1.

Although only 1 year old, but there are many big names joining this social network. Including names like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, there are also many other famous people involved. Clubhouse is considered as a social network for people with great influence.

Twitter has been testing a Clubhouse-like feature called Spaces. So far, however, Twitter Spaces is still in beta and hasn’t been rolled out to all users yet.

Interestingly, it’s not just Twitter, but a host of other big-name platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Slack are developing features similar to Clubhouse. That shows the appeal of this social networking application.

Right now, those who want to register for a Clubhouse account will need to be invited from the previous members. The Clubhouse app is also only available on iOS, while the Android version will not be available in a few months.

Last December, Clubhouse had about 600,000 users per week. By February this year, this app had 2 million users per week. Clubhouse’s growth is still being hampered by invitation-based sign-ups. That shows the huge growth potential of this social networking application.

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