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What is the Pi Network project !?

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Because I am determined to go long with Pi Network, any money you earn while traveling with me will be disbursed to your wallet. Many offers to get there, you will not be able to disburse all the money you earn.

There have been many introductions to the Pi Network project!

We understand temporarily that Project Pi Network was founded with 3 PhDs currently working for Stanford University, California, Usa.

This is the most prestigious university in the world, is the place that provides senior personnel for the technology giants based in the Sillicon valley, representatives like Google and Facebook …

Said briefly like that. The problem we are trying to sell today is:

Will Pi Network be successful?

We really don’t have the exact answer because any project has a 100% chance of being successful. This success depends on users and founders as well as on investors. The following two factors are that the founder and the investment are definitely not the problem. They are ready to go with the Pi Network to the end of the road. The point is, let’s believe, I would say, the success rate of Pi Network is very high, because all the countries in the world now are very interested in Pi Netowk. Currently there are more than 12 million pioneers, Pi Network rankings on the App Store and ChPlay social segments are respectively 5th and 6th. And still in a very strong uptrend.

Does it cost money to join Pi Network !?

The current time is at the end of January 2021, there is absolutely no loss of money. But once it reaches 100 million pioneers, the mining of free Pies is completely possible to stop at any time. Do not like me, knowing Bitcoin in 2009 and doing nothing, until now every BTC is so valuable.

Did Pi Network scam or collect user data !?

This question is posed by a lot of people, but you try to ask, what are 2 giants like Google and Facebook collected from you !? Pi Network only receives your phone number and, at most, your email. And does Stanford really sell its reputation in such a conflicting manner !? Please answer for yourself!

Here’s a quick guide to downloading and installing Pi Network on your phone

(Note: Pi Network works without battery usage, does not consume resources, does not waste, does not lose …. nothing at all)

Pi Network referral code you should use is: trinhdonggia

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