There will be a phone with a 192MP camera to be revealed next month

Tram Ho

But it seems that is not enough to satisfy the manufacturers. Recently, the leaker with the nickname “Digital Chat Station” has posted information on Weibo that a smartphone with a 192MP camera is coming, and hinted that we will get more details about it in the coming month.

The leaker also revealed that the device will be powered by the SM7250 processor (which is the Snapdragon 765), which means that it is not a flagship phone. Hopefully, with the mid-range chip, the price of the machine will be reduced somewhat.

Sẽ có một chiếc điện thoại với camera 192MP được tiết lộ trong tháng tới - Ảnh 1.

If you don’t already know, the Snapdragon 765 processor actually supports 192MP cameras. But this chip only supports snapshots, which means that other photography features like HDR and multi-frame processing will certainly not be able to take advantage of this terrible resolution.

So which company can stand behind the 192MP phone? Last week, there was information that LG is planning to reveal a 5G phone using Snapdragon 7xx chip next month. But we’ve also seen Xiaomi play big when launching the first phones with 64MP and 108MP cameras, along with Samsung. Anyway, a 192MP camera would be a pretty impressive jump over the 108MP camera in terms of mere resolution.

And this is not the first time we have heard of smartphone cameras with higher resolution than imagined. Qualcomm has previously confirmed that its Snapdragon 865 processor supports up to 200MP cameras, adding that the company is working with partners to develop a 200MP camera sensor.

Reference: AndroidAuthority

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