The extension answered 7 core values

Tram Ho


This is the Extension installed on Chrome browser so that you do not have to answer 7 Core Values when logging in to WSM .

How to use:

  1. Click here to —> Install for Google Chrome (already has 160 you are using)
  2. The rest to extension lo (automatically green for you)
  3. Up vote article, then move on to read other articles

(Don’t read the section below, only the repo contains the code)

500 tissues

How do these 7CV questions work?

On the WSM login page:

  1. Get questions from FiTM -> show modal
  2. Answering questions to get tokens
  3. Attach the token to the WSM login form -> login

How does extension work?

The purpose is to hide the server-side logic to avoid the WSM fix dev. And also easy and quick to update the extension when dev WSM fix (google browser extension for long, often reject and chrome also occasionally updates to run). I have divided the extension into 2 parts:

  1. Extension client to install and chrome users
  2. Server to handle and answer questions

1. Extension client

This is responsible for calling the API to get the token and assign it to the form . You can see it at Github Repo : oLaVanBac / auto_wsm

2. Server

This is supposed to get the token for the extension . Its mechanism is very simple

  1. Call FITM API Get questions
  2. Find the answer in the database, if not already, perform the Brute Force to get the answer (then save it to the Database)
  3. Call the FITM API to get the token, and return the token

In order to reduce processing time, I cache the answer code again, users who request for about 3 minutes will receive the same token (because WSM only checks the token sign). Attached another tip is that Engrisk has fewer questions than Vietnamese, so I sent language = en params (reducing brute force processing time).

You can see this Github Repo baclv / wsm_cloud

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