Students use smartphone app to cultivate clean vegetables

Ngoc Huynh

VietNamNet Bridge – A group of university students in Da Nang has invented a hydroponic vegetable production system by using a smartphone app. The invention won third prize at Danang Runway Startup 2016, a competition for startup ideas.

Greendy, the system, was invented by six students Nguyen Hoai Duc, Pham Viet Toan, Nguyen Dinh Tri, Nguyen Duong Phuong, Duong Tan Khanh and Phan Dinh Tung.

After surveying 100 households, they found a solution that could satisfy consumers’ requirements for safe food– high quality and convenience.

Greendy allows people to grow safe vegetables at home with hydroponic method in an easy way. The system has two main parts – Greendy trellis and Greendy app run on smartphones. The trellis is made of PVC plastic and a stainless steel frame.

To operate, the system uses a pump and sensors that collect information about pH level, temperature, flow, water volume and level. A wireless transceiver module is installed to collect with smartphones.

To feed vegetables, growers will need hydroponic solution which provides nutrients and helps optimize the plants’ growth in the water environment. The solution comprises three major elements, including sodium, phosphorus, potassium and microelements such as zinc and iron.

Growers just need to install the application and follow the cultivation process: sowing, turning on smartphones, choosing the vegetables they want and waiting 20 days for the harvesting.

When users sow and use the app, the electronic circuit in the system will receive the signals and regulate the process of making hydroponic solution in accordance with the preprogrammed formula.

The sensors installed in the solution barrel will continuously measure the pH level and temperature to determine the volume of water to be pumped into the barrel. Users can adjust the system by setting up the water pump regime and change the hydroponic solution mixing formula.

The app also provides recipes with vegetables and fruits. It provides useful knowledge about the nutrients of vegetables and fruits, and suggests menus based on personal characteristics.

With Greendy, the students said they wanted to bring confidence, health and convenience to customers by creating beautiful greenery and safe vegetables.

They believe that Greendy is educational for children as it helps improve awareness of environmental protection and the role of technology. Everything is connected with each other and with Internet of Things (IoT).

At present, Greendy app can only run on Android. The group said they were developing an app on Window Phone and iOS as well.

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