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Tram Ho

Under Tino Group Joint Stock Company, TINOHOST is a leasing, providing domain name, hosting, server service, domain email for businesses at an affordable price, consistent with the needs of the majority. website users in Vietnam. With a team of highly specialized, youthful and enthusiastic employees, TinoGroup confidently accompanies you on the path of asserting your brand on the global technology map. Experience the best service at the lowest cost, are you ready?

TINOHOST and the differences

Developed from a solid foundation as a leading web design company in Vietnam, TinoHost owns a team of 10 years of experience in the field of web design, WordPress and website related services. With this professional strength, though only officially operating in the field of hosting from May 2019, TinoHost has satisfied thousands of customers in many different fields by dedication, professionalism and responsibility. duty.

It can be seen that the technology that TinoHost is using for its storage products is a significant plus for this provider’s service. Going deeper we will see TinoHost has superior advantages compared to many hosting services in Vietnam today:

  • Servers located directly in Vietnam : The website is highly stable, achieving optimal performance and speed compared to hosting servers in foreign countries.
  • Powerful server configuration : Hosting at TinoHost has impressive parameters: using optimal Intel Xeon E5 CPU, DDR DDR Ram, dedicated SSD hard drive with raid 10 configuration, Cloud Storage … helping the website always work well in event traffic and sudden increase in any time.
  • Automatic backup: Regular backup is extremely important for website owners, to avoid unnecessary problems, the data and source code of the website must always be in the safest state.
  • Support for free SSL security certificates : Not many providers offer this offer to users. You will save a few dozen $ / year with this offer of TinoHost.
  • SEO hosting : If you are an SEOER, you will probably be interested in building satellite site systems. At TinoHost, the SEO hosting package allows you to run multiple websites with multiple IPs on the same cPanel account. This helps you optimize SEO efficiency and cost to the maximum.
  • Cloud hosting : the best and most powerful solution available today. The method of using cloud computing platform makes this system easy to reach more people.

With the desire to bring customers the opportunity to experience the best service package with the most reasonable price, TinoHost always gives customers the options that users enjoy the maximum benefits. With a team of highly specialized staff, state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated support 24/7/365, TinoHost confidently provides domain name services, optimal hosting and powerful server systems at a cost. Best for your business.

Achievements and strategies to dominate the international market

Up to now – November 2019, TinoHost has boldly invested in technology: focusing on providing server services, network infrastructure and accompanying technology applications such as business email, server administration, software copyright. At the same time, TinoHost also focuses on training and developing human resources, applying modern management systems to the company’s management model.

In addition to promoting the available strengths, in the next 5 years, TinoHost will continue to invest in research and deployment of new technologies to meet the increasing demands of customers. Since then, TinoHost has moved to expand its customer market to the world, operating strongly in neighboring countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia …

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