Sony scattered 14 sets of codes all over the Internet, whoever finds it will have a chance to win a PS5

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Although launched more than a year ago, PlayStation 5 (PS5) still faces many difficulties in the production process because of global chip scarcity. Sony’s new consoles are still selling well, quickly surpassing sales of lesser-known devices like the WiiU. But this has also contributed to the shortage of PS5 becoming worse, when demand has outstripped supply in recent months.

Sony understands how impatient many gamers are, when until now they have not been able to own a PS5 of their own, have to go “play a game” or play through a “YouTube emulator” to satisfy their passion. passionate about. But Sony itself is also falling into the force of disobedience. They even had to fight fires by producing more PS4s for customers to buy temporarily while waiting for the production of PS5 to be more stable .

Sony rải 14 bộ mã code khắp Internet, ai tìm được sẽ có cơ hội trúng thưởng PS5 - Ảnh 1.

Many gamers still cannot own a PS5 set for themselves.

However, to comfort its loyal gamers, Sony recently decided to organize an event called Treat Codes, with the reward of course being the PS5 set that is being sought by thousands of people. The rules of the game are simple: Sony has randomly hidden 14 sets of codes, generated by PS5 controller inputs, on the Internet and various social media sites. The same event, but held in real life, will also take place from February 15 through the end of this month, with codes hidden in “highlight events related to sports, gaming, movies and TV shows”. music”.

The player’s task is to find those codes and enter them into Sony’s website for a chance to win a PS5 for themselves. If you find all 14 codes, you will have 14 chances to win. The only suggestion Sony has is to check out the major creators’ channels, where PlayStation titles will be streaming this week. The rest depends on luck as well as your own perseverance.

Finally, it must be emphasized again that finding, even finding enough, the codes does not mean that you will definitely get a PS5. These codes act as an entry ticket to the lottery for the latest Sony console model, and “dignity” will determine whether you or someone else wins this attractive prize. However, considering the current shortage of goods, this Treat Codes event may be a more viable option to own a PS5.

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