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The software development industry is facing tremendous turmoil. This tendency has led to the development of new trends that will dominate 2019. Apps are more popular than ever, and because the software market has entered a mature phase, it is important applications to meet user’s needs. When developing software people have in view artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and cloud storage. A few years ago, augmented reality was one of the trends that conquered the market. The AR revolution started when Pokemon Go was launched. Millions of users downloaded the app in the first days of existence, but in a short period of time, the game lost its popularity leaving the developers to ask themselves what led to this event.

Understanding what the next trend will be is one of the most overwhelming and stressful tasks you have if you are a developer. You are lucky because experts have done the needed research and they have spotted the trends that will influence the way software is developed in 2019.

Focus on cybersecurity

Every company that is present in the digital market is in danger to become the target of a cyber attack. This is one of the realities everyone is facing nowadays, no matter if an individual is using a device connected to the internet for personal purposes, or for corporate purposes. Studies show that more than half of medium size companies have experienced cyberattacks in 2018. Automated software is the tool used to attack the networks of companies and to make them vulnerable. Both networks and computers are vulnerable targets for cyberattacks. When developing a software it is crucial to focus on making it cyberattacks safe.

In 2018, the attacks on mobile devices increased with 20% compared with 2017. The world faces numerous software breaches that led to the misuse of personal and private information. And surveys show that the number of cyberattacks is in a continuous growth. At the present moment 1 in 100 smartphones is infected with a malicious software, being it a bug or a virus. In this case, it is understandable why 2019 will focus on data safety.

Software developers know that if users have doubts about the security features of an app they will not use it, because they have numerous alternatives from which to choose. A software can face countless security problems, from authentication issues, to insecure data storage and unforeseen data leakages. The users are advised to not download every app available in the store, because they can fight cyberattacks by using only secure apps.

Artificial intelligence features


More than 40% of software developers consider the option to include artificial intelligence in their apps in 2019.  Artificial intelligence is effective in automating multiple processes. Business apps require the presence of artificial intelligence features because all the tasks will be run more efficiently. Artificial intelligence makes both small and big data processes more efficient. There are numerous companies that have announced that they will start using artificial intelligence features for the next software programs they will develop.

At present, we can interact with intelligent digital assistants like Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.  The purpose of these assistants is to offer people support, but the future guarantees us that robots will have a great impact on our day-to-day life.

4 out of 10 businesses use artificial intelligence to offer their clients optimized customer service. They use aps based on artificial intelligence to guide their buyers, support the workers and complete transactions. Chatbots are already popular in the business world, and from their influence, we can understand the impact artificial influence will have on software development.

Artificial intelligence can improve the way software programs are used, from predictive text to voice search, all these features could not be invented if artificial intelligence would not be a real thing.

On-demand software

The business world has a great influence on the features apps will have in 2019. The users have specific needs and requirements, and the developers make sure to meet their demands when they create a new app. Apps like Uber have revolutionised the way people can order a taxi. But these apps are present in every domain, from pest control to food delivery. On-demand apps are a present trend and they will continue to be, because people have the tendency to avoid human contact. This trend will be quite popular in 2019 because on-demand apps have to be available for different cases and purposes. The main features an user is looking when asking for an on-demand app are convenience, customizability and scalability. In the future, this trend will continue to grow, because mobile on-demand apps are some of the most sold software programs on the market.

Smart software

In 2017, the software market recorded a ~5X increase of the number of apps. The growth of the number of apps was accompanied by the growth of the global market for the internet of things. People are spending more and more to have access to connected gadgets. It is considered that by 2021 $1trillion will be invested in the internet of things. The internet of things apps are used in numerous domains, from education to agriculture and healthcare.

Progressive web apps

It is considered the progressive web aps are the greatest trend that will hit 2019. Software developers from Microsoft and Google have already included PWA features when they designed mobile versions for their browsers. Companies from industries like healthcare, banking and e-commerce will be the first ones that will use software based on progressive web apps. These apps can be developed with low costs, and it is understandable why numerous sectors will have no issues to use them in the future.

If you want to create a new software for your business, and you want to follow the above trends, then it is advisable to outsource it. Do not know what outsourcing options you have? Read in the Blog about onshore, offshore and nearshore outsourcing.

  • Onshore developers collaborate with clients from the same home country. The advantage is that you will have no language barrier and you can tell them what trends you want the software to follow.
  • Offshore developers work with clients from a different country than their home one. Companies find it an affordable solution, because the developers can operate remotely and virtually.
  • Nearshore developers are located in a similar time zone with their clients. You may have to deal with the language barrier, but it is a cost effective solution.

Decide what trend and software development solution suit your needs, and start creating the software that will revolutionise your business.

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