Snapchat launches a Spotlight feature that replicates TikTok

Tram Ho

Snapchat is well known as a messaging app where the content of a message, photo or video will disappear after a certain time. Snapchat was once very popular and can be considered a widespread exchange among young people. But with the advent of TikTok, Snapchat was almost forgotten.

That’s why its parent company, Snap, decided to compete with TikTok, with a new feature inside the Snapchat app called Spotlight. This is actually a TikTok clone inside the Snapchat app, displaying short vertical videos and fun content.

Snapchat ra mắt tính năng Spotlight sao chép y hệt TikTok - Ảnh 1.

To engage content creators, Snap said they would be willing to pay for viral videos. The $ 1 million bill will be split daily among the most popular video creators, from now through 2020.

It doesn’t matter whether the content creator has a high or low following, as long as their video gets the most views in a day, they’ll make a big chunk of Snap’s $ 1 million. A video with the most views for a few days in a row will also be rewarded accordingly.

Spotlight will have a separate tab in the Snapchat app, rolling out in 11 countries. When you click the Spotlight tab, the videos will also be displayed automatically in a way that Snap thinks you’ll like, based on what you’ve seen in the past.

Spotlight’s difference from TikTok is that there will be no public comments, and user accounts will default to private. Spotlight videos will also be up to 60 seconds long.

With Spotlight, Snap clearly acknowledged the success of viral videos on the TikTok platform. Similar to Instagram’s acknowledgment when it launched the Reels feature in August, which is exactly the same as TikTok.

However, Instagram allows users to post their TikTok videos to the new platform. Snap does not allow that, but encourages users to create new content. Besides, Snap will also prevent fraud from stealing other people’s videos to make money on this platform.

Reference: theverge

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