Opening a “new era” of mobile photography, Galaxy A51 wins big in the youth segment

Tram Ho

Smartphone “1 for all” replaces expensive specialized mechanical apparatus

Before the Galaxy A51, macro mode was available on some smartphones, but it was in the form of a small effect inside the main camera, so the professionalism of the photos was not high, removing imperfect fonts and sharpness were difficult. pledge. This is because installing a separate lens for close-ups in a slim phone is a difficult problem for smartphone companies, but the technological race is constantly bringing the world to the world of ideas. About impossible. Leading the “race”, with Galaxy A51, Samsung has set up a separate sensor for smartphones for the first time, opening a new era of mobile photography. Now, Galaxy A51 is confident as a “1 for all” smartphone, meeting diverse photographic needs, replacing the expensive specialized mechanical apparatus. Not only that, when compared to a few competitors that can follow macro camera technology, Galaxy A51 still prevails thanks to the resolution up to 5MP, more than double the other 2MP of the other company.

Mở ra “kỉ nguyên mới” về nhiếp ảnh trên điện thoại, Galaxy A51 thắng lớn trong phân khúc giới trẻ - Ảnh 1.

Macro camera on the Galaxy A51 is the highest rated segment thanks to the resolution up to 5MP, easy focus.

The remaining cameras of the Galaxy A51 are also impressive thanks to its clear and high-performance isolation features, while many other companies are still struggling with cameras that are rated as not much different, the performance of Each camera is not as good. With Galaxy A51, the 48MP main camera is rated as good light capture, for vibrant colors. Camera deleted 5MP background also very stable background separation, diverse internal effects, allowing users to freely create quality collages. 1230 wide-angle camera with 12MP resolution capturing the eye into the frame is also popular with travelers.

Mở ra “kỉ nguyên mới” về nhiếp ảnh trên điện thoại, Galaxy A51 thắng lớn trong phân khúc giới trẻ - Ảnh 2.

Photos taken with Galaxy A51 for vibrant color quality

Impressive design is not inferior to high-end product line

In addition to the camera array, the back of the Galaxy A51 is also impressed by the high-end design that is not inferior to the expensive product line. Glasstic 3D fake glass plastic gives a glossy look, with fancy block pattern texture looks very luxurious. And above all, thanks to the plastic back, the Galaxy A51 is also the lightest in the segment, despite having to carry the same weight of battery as other brands. With a thickness of only 7.9mm and a weight of 172gr, Galaxy A51 brings surprises for users to experience comfort, especially when the edges of the phone are quite soft, no need, no discomfort. when held long.

Mở ra “kỉ nguyên mới” về nhiếp ảnh trên điện thoại, Galaxy A51 thắng lớn trong phân khúc giới trẻ - Ảnh 3.

Diamond section design of Galaxy A51 with 3 colors white, black, blue luxury

On the front, Galaxy A51 also makes a strong difference. While many other companies still use last year’s water drop screen with a notch on the front camera that makes the upper bezel still limited, Samsung aggressively brought the Infinity-O screen into the Galaxy A51, bringing a complete borderless experience. perfect. The futuristic design helps to make the edges of the screen now “thin” to a minimum, looking like a high-end product line.

Mở ra “kỉ nguyên mới” về nhiếp ảnh trên điện thoại, Galaxy A51 thắng lớn trong phân khúc giới trẻ - Ảnh 4.

The Infinity-O design allows for strikingly thin bezels no less than a premium product line

The Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy A51 also provides sharp and bright visibility. In particular, black clearly helps the Dark Mode inside the platform to maximize its performance. Perfect picture quality helps Galaxy A51 can bring the best entertainment experience. Watching movies or playing games is super good, especially when the machine’s configuration is strong enough to play the most advanced graphics games without worrying about jerking.

With full of impressive features, Galaxy A51 has successfully completed the role of “successor” of the cult Galaxy A series of Samsung family, so far there is no rival in the same segment.

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