Mark Zuckerberg will face 20 years in prison if the new privacy law is passed

Tram Ho

CEO Mark Zuckerberg will face the most severe punishment of 20 years in prison, according to the terms of the newly proposed privacy law. The new law will hold executives liable criminally for corporate mistakes that disclose users’ personal information.

According to CNET’s report, the new bill was introduced by Senator Ron Wyden, a supporter of the protection of privacy and personal data. Mr. Wyden said there should be strong penalties for companies that violate everyone’s privacy, including a larger fine and holding executives criminally responsible.

Mark Zuckerberg sẽ phải ngồi tù 20 năm, nếu như bộ luật mới về quyền riêng tư được thông qua - Ảnh 1.

Mr. Wyden went on to mention the CEO of Facebook: “Mark Zuckerberg will not take user privacy seriously, unless he sees serious personal consequences. A fine from the FTC will have no effect at all, so he will go to jail according to my bill. ”

The Senator also said that companies like Facebook need to allow users to refuse to follow ads. Most of the user data is collected for advertisers, on platforms like Facebook. Other companies, such as Apple, have a very clear stance, not allowing tracking of users for advertising purposes.

If the bill is passed, a lot of tech giants like Facebook or Google will get caught up in the labor cycle. This is also considered the most stringent and harsh law ever, related to privacy and personal data.

Reference: 9to5mac

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