Mantu “Amaris Vietnam: A transformation of businesses in a digital age

Tram Ho

Mantu is a multinational corporation providing solutions and consulting services for businesses. Since its establishment, Mantu has had more than 6500 employees from 55 countries and its coverage of 5 continents.

Mantu accompanies businesses to help them achieve their dreams, reach their ambitions and realize their projects. Mantu promotes the growth of businesses by promoting their growth as well as supporting their transition.


Mantu provides a comprehensive service for businesses, structured around 7 key areas:

Advice on leadership and organizational shaping for businesses : Training, guidance and advice for senior leaders to help them find their strategy and positioning (strategy consulting, variable management dynamic).

Future work : Supporting businesses through the transformation of management models and ways of working.

Technology : Supporting digital transformation from pure economic and industrial models (data, AI, robotics, blockchain).

Transformation and development : Transforming personnel and production models through new solutions based on market dynamics.

Online reputation & digital marketing : Using a new communication model where information is exchanged directly and peer-to-peer between employees (regardless of rank) instead of the traditional one-way model from leadership to employees. These interactions reinforce real-time measurable profits for businesses.

Quality of service and customer experience : Accompanying customers through new and innovative service, brand and management experiences.

Innovation and innovation: Investing in research and development to create innovative services and products that are up to date with market trends.


With an average annual growth of 73% (of which the natural growth rate is 96%) within 12 years of its establishment, in 2019 Mantu is proud to have over 6,500 employees building the company. growing stronger and stronger.

Mantu applied the ‘Intrapreneuship’ model with the goal of bringing young talents (with an average age of 28) so they can develop themselves on the journey to become a leader. To do this, Mantu always believes in them, and provides them with the necessary tools to realize their dreams. Every year, Mantu always strives to recruit more young talents to start new journeys and initiate innovative products and services in accordance with the changing trend of the times.


Mantu’s startup model is rooted in the idea of ​​’open’ innovation with the desire to promote growth opportunities. For example, the process of ” integrating and nurturing startup ideas ” in parallel with the overall development of the business is one of our outstanding strategies.

The ‘One Roof’ solution also demonstrates this ambition of Mantu through the design of an integrated workspace (combining dining, sports, reception area …) for internal and external personnel. company. This trend of creating open workspaces will be a favorable platform for startups or future partners to share ideas for innovation and creativity. At the same time, this service (directly monitored by Mantu, and with some operational risks), global and comprehensive, will create new ways of working to optimize. Chemical work quality of customers.


Mantu belongs to the talents that have contributed to the overall development of the group. We advocate to encourage ownership and profit sharing to management and staff by deciding the equity ratio for their contributions is 10.7%. By 2019, Mantu expects that number will reach 22%, and increase to 35% by 2021. We always prioritize investing in long-term strategies for the group’s sustainable growth, so that at the end At the same time, the sweet success will be a gift for each member of the Mantu extended family.

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Source : Techtalk