Made-in-Vietnam open-source software supports IPv6

Ngoc Huynh

VietNamNet Bridge – The developers of NukeViet, the made-in-Vietnam open source software, have said that NukeViet is now an IPv6 comprehensive support software product, while NukeViet 4.0 version will be a modern software kit ready for implementation of apps in the IPv6 environment.

NukeVietnam is a Vietnamese software piece released under the open source software license.

At first, NukeViet was used to build websites and publish content on internet.

However, since the NukeViet 3.0 version launched in 2010, NukeViet has been developed to serve as a platform for the development of web-based apps.

NukeViet now has many different products, including NukeViet CMS used to operate news websites, NukeViet Portal used to make business information portals, and NukeViet Edu Gate – the information portal solution for education departments, and NukeViet Shop, used to build online sale websites.

NukeViet developers revealed that a new version for the e-government would be launched in the time to come, though the name of the product remains a secret.

The ‘lonely’ software

NukeViet is called the ‘lonely software’ because it is the only product bearing the Vietnamese brand born in the first years after open source software came to Vietnam.

The movement of using and developing open source software in Vietnam, which was launched many years ago, has been facing big difficulties because of the Vietnamese habit of using unlicensed closed source software.

Meanwhile, software development firms don’t want to focus on developing open source software products because it is time and money consuming, while it is very difficult to pursue commercial development of the products.

In fact, there were some other Vietnam-made open source software pieces in the past. However, their lasted only several years after they came out because they could not be commercialized to feed the developers.

According to VINADES (the Vietnam Open Source Development JSC) which backs NukeViet, about 10,000 websites/information portals worldwide had used NukeViet by the end of 2015.

Developed as a derivative from a foreign open source software called PHP-Nuke, NukeViet has become a purely Vietnamese software product with 100 percent of code lines newly written and technologically mastered by Vietnamese.

Stemming from a developed software product and maintained by a group of Vietnamese youth, NukeViet has developed into an ecosystem fully worked out to users, programmers and service providers.

NukeViet is now being used in many countries in nine languages, though NukeViet developers mostly provide support to Vietnamese.

VINADES began setting to work on upgrading NukeViet to make it compatible and supportive to IPv6 in July 2012. And it is ready for IPv6 now. However, of 10,000 websites using NukeViet, there is only one website running on IPv6 –

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