Basic Latex – Lesson 5: Quotes in Latex

Tram Ho

Surely we have at least once aligned a recipe image cut out of an article by millimeters when merging into a report or presentation slide so that they do not become too grotesque, or waste time waiting for display. when typing on Word a document hundreds of pages long with countless images. Even if we are so skilled that we can produce beautiful text with no effort, paying for software can make us frown. If only there were free tools to help us present reports, slides, make CVs, or anything related to displaying text in a scientific and beautiful way, everything would be simpler. so many.

Although these skills are basic and essential, it is not easy to perform them properly and scientifically. Fortunately, there is a tool that helps us do all of the above, on the other hand is free of charge and supports cross-platform. That is LaTeX, a editing tool that can be considered the standard when presenting scientific documents. Some people may have heard of this name before, but are still a little afraid to think that LaTeX is very difficult to use, requiring a lot of commands to remember.

This course will help you eliminate those difficulties, understand the most basic things to be able to edit beautiful documents in a simple and extremely easy way with this LaTeX tool.

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Source : Viblo