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Linh Le

Six months back a new era began with the launch of Java JDK 10. It was very amazing and loved by many Pro developers, but now we even stepped further with the release of new Java SE 11 (JDK 11). This release also makes it first LTS release in oracle’s six-month cycle which is pretty amazing.

The new release brought lots of new features which might excite the developers to some extent. Also, one more thing to keep in mind that this is the first version to be shipped as Long Term Release Support of Java SE platform.

This clearly implies that Java 11 will be supported for another 8 years without any issue. It was a sigh of relief for many users as now they will be able to enjoy all the new fixes and updates as soon as they are released.

For the people who are not aware by the fact that Oracle has planned to ship the LTS releases every three years, with the usual releases being pushed every six months. Now, it means Java 17 will be the next LTS release, whose arrival is scheduled in 2021.

Coming back to the Java 11 features lets see what it has to offer:-

  1. New open source mission control and Flight Recorder Developers who were struggling with performance issues and troubleshooting this new feature will be a boon for them.
  2. No garbage collectorAs we all know that distributed systems are already very effective which alters the need of garbage collector.
  3. Launching of Single-File Source-Code ProgramsThis might sound a small upgrade to you but it can be an amazing feature for the newbies who are about to learn java.
  4. VarHandles A huge step forward for eliminating the need for the use of sun.misc.

There are some other major additions as well such as new standard HTTP library. This brings the support for HTTP/2 and allows flow-based HTTP/1 as well.

At last Java 11 also brought Nest-based access controls, ZGC (a new No-Op garbage collector), TLS 1.3, dynamic class-file constants, Flight Recorder, Enhanced KeyStore mechanisms, the launch of single-file source-code programs, etc.

In order to learn more about the complete changes click on this Release Note – Java 11 Release Note.

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