Is Ariston overconfident when it comes to freezing the water heater?

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Confidently demonstrate leading technology through an innovative tone challenge

The opening of TVC 30s is an image of a water heater placed in a thick block of ice, the surprising thing is that even though the environment is negative, it does not affect the operation of the machine when the water flowing out is still heated at 42 degrees Celsius. like install. Thereby, it can be seen that the top quality in Ariston’s technology has helped the brand confidently take on this challenge.

1. 100% Titanium Burner Heats Water Faster: In a sub-zero environment, where the inlet water is colder than usual, it requires a special element to heat the water to the desired temperature in time. Short is important. Therefore, the heating rod for the Ariston water heater is upgraded to 100% Titanium – the best material on the market today, helping to heat up quickly, prevent scale and durable over time.

2. The TSS synchronous safety system allows the machine to operate in the conditions of low humidity, melting ice, and humidity:

✅ ELCB anti-shock circuit breaker actively disconnects the power when there is an electric leakage problem.

The TBSE thermostat ensures that water is always heated to the correct temperature regardless of whether the environment is negative or the water temperature is low.

Safety valve releases the water pressure in the tank when the pressure exceeds the allowable level.

3. Temperature stabilization technology: Ariston’s water heater is equipped with a flow sensor, which measures the flow rate and inlet water temperature, thereby dynamically adjusting the capacity and controlling the outlet temperature. . Ensure the water temperature is always stable according to the setting, regardless of the external conditions.

In addition to the three features introduced directly on TVC, Ariston’s side also shared more about the features that allow Ariston to take on this challenge:

1. WIFI control system, allowing remote machine control: When the machine is in the ice block, all direct interaction cannot be done. With the built-in WIFI system app, users can adjust the desired temperature through the mobile app.

2. Special protected PCB circuit: When placing the machine in an ice block in an environment with high humidity, protecting the electronic boards and ensuring stable operation is a top task. The printed circuit board of the Ariston water heater works well thanks to the water-resistant coating on the surface. Helps to pre-treat external influences, preventing damage caused by moisture.

Liệu Ariston có quá tự tin khi đóng băng máy nước nóng? - Ảnh 1.

Impressive main image of the campaign.

The above series of top-notch technologies have created a solid basis for the “big man” from Europe to confidently prove Ariston’s paradox is completely possible. Thereby, Ariston affirms its outstanding quality and pioneering position in the water heater industry in Vietnam and the world.

Exceptional quality that defies all rigors

It is known that this is not the first time Ariston has challenged the quality of its products in extreme conditions. Earlier in 2019, Ariston drew attention when implementing the Ariston Comfort Challenge project, bringing heating products to the middle of Greenlands, the Arctic (-40 degrees Celsius) to equip a comfortable and warm home, creating a living conditions for scientists studying climate change. After 3 years, Ariston house “The comfort zone” is still in operation, bringing comfort every day to scientists.

Liệu Ariston có quá tự tin khi đóng băng máy nước nóng? - Ảnh 2.

Not stopping at TVC, this coming November, the brand continues to show confidence when retaking this challenge on livestream with the witness of consumers via social networks. This is an opportunity for everyone to see and test the outstanding features of Ariston’s products. In particular, Ariston offers many attractive gifts with a total value of more than 200 million VND when you participate in the livestream and correctly answer questions about the product. Follow the official information about the livestream at Ariston’s Fanpage:

Ariston is a global leader in heating with diverse product lines: direct water heaters, indirect water heaters, solar water heaters, heat pumps. Ariston products always pursue outstanding values ​​of durability, safety and energy saving.


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