Introducing Apple Store standard iPhone 13 screen protectors in Vietnam

Tram Ho

Of the total 31 screen protectors at the Apple Store, 28 are from Belkin. This is considered a great strength of Belkin in the screen protector market. On hand is the experience of Belkin screen protectors bought in Vietnam. If anyone has ever been to the Apple Store, they must have known Belkin, because the range of Belkin products at the Apple Store is very wide, from charging cables, wireless charging products, stickers, AV cables… With Apple, it is very difficult to find. bring products to Apple Store because of extremely strict requirements and fully comply with the technical requirements that Apple requires, to bring users to the best experience on their products.

Belkin . screen protector overview

The sticker packaging has a simple white tone, not as aggressive as other brands on the market, I have found out, Belkin has 4 lines of stickers, each line has accompanying accessories and different packaging and stickers. Today is the line of tempered stickers. The box includes a sticker and a sticker cleaning tool.

Giới thiệu miếng dán màn hình iPhone 13 chuẩn Apple Store tại Việt Nam - Ảnh 1.

The sticker is carefully packaged by Belkin by 2 layers of protective seals on both sides, although it is covered with 2 layers of seal, the glass is clear, there is no dirt inside.

This is a unique feature and pays great attention to the user experience when the sticker box is full of step-by-step instructions. Most stickers in Vietnam have to go to a shop to be glued, thanks to the professional hands of a technician, but with these steps, users can completely do it themselves, even if they are not professional gluers.

In addition to the detailed instruction sheet, the stickers also print numbers, each number represents a step-by-step procedure for pasting, these steps are not complicated to follow and avoid errors when gluing.

Paste very simple and easy

Giới thiệu miếng dán màn hình iPhone 13 chuẩn Apple Store tại Việt Nam - Ảnh 2.

With the Belkin patch, position 4, you only need to fix position 4 for accuracy, the rest of the steps are very easy. Step 4 does not affect the sticker inside, its job is to help you align and give you 1000 tries without removing the sticker seal. Once it’s aligned, you just need to remove the seal and stick it.

One more point, to avoid bubbles, you just need to slowly drop the sticker, from the top of your head to the bottom, don’t release the sticker freely, release it freely and that bubble will appear.

The glass surface is shiny, beautiful and perfect

Giới thiệu miếng dán màn hình iPhone 13 chuẩn Apple Store tại Việt Nam - Ảnh 3.

This is the result after pasting, a person who has never pasted before, pastes it so well. The sticker is very clear, the original touch feels like a screen protector.

Giới thiệu miếng dán màn hình iPhone 13 chuẩn Apple Store tại Việt Nam - Ảnh 4.

The stickers are certified to 9H hardness, more importantly, have been approved by Apple and sold in the Apple Store, so users can have complete confidence in the Belkin stickers.


Currently genuine Belkin screen protectors are sold at FPTShop. Wishing you all to become a master of wallpapering in front of your loved ones.

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