In addition to solving math problems, the Casio calculator can also save a website, run chat applications, and operate modems

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A developer in Germany turned a simple Casio graphing calculator into a web server and hosted a web page on it. You can even chat on this computer.

Pocket calculators like the Casio FX-9750G II are certainly familiar to many, they can be used to solve equations with integral, differential and probability functions, or display diagrams and functions. .

Ngoài giải toán, máy tính Casio còn có thể lưu cả một website, chạy ứng dụng chat và vận hành modem - Ảnh 1.

Thanks to 61 kilobytes of memory, a relatively powerful Super-H-SH4a CPU, and a 2.5 mm 3-pin port for data exchange, German software developer Tobias Mädel has shown this computer can do a lot. than just calculation.

Mädel turned the Casio calculator into a web server, hosted a simple website on it, and even developed an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) application for chatting. A YouTube video shows how he chats on a computer using the number keys to enter text, where he enters ‘I’m chatting from the computer’ and another responds ‘Great’. You can view the site here , but please note that it is only hosted on one computer, so clicking the link can cause the site to crash.

Chat on Casio fx

To connect computers to the Internet, Mädel uses the SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) Internet protocol. He also wrote a program called fxIP to open TCP/IP. Mädel has made the source code available to “players” on GitHub . Another video on YouTube shows how he connects the computer to the modem.

Connect to modem

According to Mädel, the Casio 9860G-style graphing calculators will do just this. It is important that the computer has the aforementioned processor and more than 32 kilobytes of memory. Then you can develop other applications. Older computers are not currently supported.

Reference: Hackaday

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