Important upgrade on iPhone 15 Pro has just been revealed

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Although the new iPhone 14 series has been sold, many rumors about the iPhone 15 generation have appeared one after another.

Taiwan Economic Daily reported, Lin Enping – president of Largan Precision Co. (Apple’s main camera lens manufacturing partner) shared during a recent event that it will be difficult to assemble iPhone models next year. This is because Apple will have a few tweaks inside its flagship product line launching next year.

Nâng cấp quan trọng trên iPhone 15 Pro vừa được hé lộ - Ảnh 1.

iPhone 15 Pro is rumored to use a glass lens combined with a prism to support a “potential” camera system (Image: #ios beta news)

Accordingly, in addition to the usual telephoto lens, Apple’s new generation of iPhones is rumored to use glass lenses combined with prisms to support the “potential” camera system. The prices of these new materials are expected to be higher than usual.

Lin Enping did not reveal which iPhone version will receive the greatly improved camera, but many speculate that only the new iPhone 15 Pro set will have this significant upgrade. If this information is correct, this will be the first time in history that an Apple phone has a periscope camera.

According to the president of Largan Precision Co., Apple’s periscope lens will likely abandon the plastic lens design in favor of a hybrid lens design. Industry sources reveal that Apple has extremely high requirements for the image quality of the iPhone 15 Pro.

Next year, the iPhone 15 series is expected to be greatly upgraded in terms of camera and Largan may exclusively provide the “Cupertino giant” all the prisms used in the periscope camera system, and telephoto lenses. normally.

Nâng cấp quan trọng trên iPhone 15 Pro vừa được hé lộ - Ảnh 2.

The periscope lens was first used on the P30 Pro model, a high-end smartphone line that once “stormed” Huawei (Image: ANDREW WILLIAMS / WIRED)

Most smartphones these days have a vertical lens design. The periscope structure can effectively solve the space constraint of mobile phone internal components.

By using a hybrid lens design, the refraction path of light in the telephoto lens can be extended to achieve optical zoom. This helps the iPhone 15 Pro series get better zoom without making the body thicker.

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