Huawei launched a smart book bag for children: Supports GPS navigation, runs HarmonyOS, priced at 2.5 million VND

Tram Ho

Recently, Huawei has launched a rather strange but very interesting product, which is a school bag called Smart Positioning Children Schoolbag. This is no ordinary briefcase as it has some special features that you may not find in any other briefcase.

The most outstanding feature of this school bag is smart positioning (GPS), which ensures parents can track their child’s location even in cases where children are not allowed to bring smartphones or smartwatches to school.

Huawei ra mắt... balo học sinh thông minh: Hỗ trợ định vị GPS, chạy HarmonyOS - Ảnh 2.

This briefcase runs Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system and supports pairing with smartphones. Through the app, parents can set the location of familiar areas such as home or school, and then receive text alerts when the bag enters a designated area, such as when a child enters. school.

Huawei ra mắt cặp sách thông minh dành cho trẻ: Hỗ trợ định vị GPS, chạy HarmonyOS, giá 2.5 triệu đồng - Ảnh 2.

At the same time, parents can check the location of their child’s schoolbag on their smartphone. Through the mode named high frequency, the location of the briefcase will be continuously reported in real time. Location history can be kept for up to three months.

And yet, this briefcase is also integrated with a 1.54-inch display screen. In addition to the date, time and battery life, this display can also display signatures and class schedules. The class schedule will be updated by parents through the mobile application. This will make it easier for children to choose books for the next day’s class.

Huawei ra mắt... balo học sinh thông minh: Hỗ trợ định vị GPS, chạy HarmonyOS - Ảnh 1.

This briefcase is also brought by Huawei to an “ergonomic” design with 5-way load reduction. The U-shaped strap helps to better fit the child’s shoulders and neck. The bag has a breathable padding, making it more comfortable for children to wear.

This briefcase currently has no official price and opening time. However, Huawei is currently opening a test program for this briefcase, and buyers can own it for 699 yuan (2.5 million dong). The actual price of this briefcase will probably be higher in the future.

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Source : Genk