UK will allow Huawei to participate in building part of the 5G network despite US pressure

Tram Ho

According to the UK government’s announcement, Huawei will be excluded from all critical networks in the National Vital Infrastructure. The company will only be allowed to provide 35% of the total network equipment the UK needs, such as broadcast poles and radio antennas, and will be excluded from sensitive areas such as interconnected locations. Nuclear equipment and military bases.

Controversial decision

The United Kingdom is under great pressure from the United States, as well as a number of domestic politicians and security officials, that it must completely block Huawei’s involvement in 5G network development in the UK due to security concerns. nation. However, the British government has also been warned by China that it will face significant consequences in trade and investment if it “listens” to the US.

While there is no evidence that Huawei keeps track of customers, and the Chinese company itself has always denied it, many expressed concern that Huawei could be pressured by the Chinese government. Must track future customers. Cyber ​​security officials in the US and Australia have also confirmed that gradually, the difference between the core and peripherals in 5G networks will disappear, meaning that even though Britain only allows Huawei to participate in building. The “edge” of 5G networks has also unintentionally created potential risks for the entire network of this country.

Anh sẽ cho phép Huawei tham gia xây dựng một phần hệ thống mạng 5G dù bị Mỹ gây áp lực - Ảnh 1.

All for the money

One problem that the British government is facing is the lack of affordable alternatives for Huawei, and many major UK telecommunications carriers have already purchased Huawei 5G equipment in advance. If Britain banned Huawei, they would have to start rebuilding 5G networks from scratch.

American reaction

The administration of President Donald Trump will undoubtedly give a strong reaction to this announcement. The United States is now pressing allies around the world, asking them to ban Huawei from participating in any future 5G network. Newt Gingrich, a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, tweeted that this was a ” painful blow for the United States”, and a sign that it was ” losing the Internet to China”.

Reference: MITTechnologyReview

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