Google updates Doodle honoring pearl milk tea

Tram Ho

Google’s new Doodle is designed in the form of a mini-game, allowing users to play the role of a pearl milk tea seller to manually prepare each cup of milk tea according to the customer’s request.

Google cập nhật Doodle tôn vinh trà sữa trân châu - Ảnh 1.

Google’s new Doodle honors pearl milk tea

Players need to click and hold the mouse to add ingredients to create bubble milk tea. Every time you successfully complete a step in the brewing process, the player will be rewarded with 1 star.

Google cập nhật Doodle tôn vinh trà sữa trân châu - Ảnh 2.

The player’s task is to make a cup of pearl milk tea according to the customer’s request

If you successfully complete all 3 steps, the player will be awarded 3 stars. Players need to serve drinks to 5 guests and then can share their achievements with friends.

Google cập nhật Doodle tôn vinh trà sữa trân châu - Ảnh 3.

Players will be rewarded with stars when successfully completing the mission

Sharing about this doodle, Google said: “Today’s interactive Doodle game honors Bubble Tea, also known as pearl milk tea. Honey pearls, matcha, raspberries, mocha – Any flavor can be the topping of bubble tea. Bubble milk tea has become so popular globally that it’s officially announced as a new emoji on this day in 2020 .

According to the search giant, the drink originally appeared as a local Taiwanese drink (China) and has grown in popularity over the past few decades. Bubble tea originated from the traditional tea culture of Taiwan (China) from the early 17th century. However, it was not until the 1980s that bubble milk tea as we know it today was officially born.

As the Taiwanese (China) brought this drink outside over the past few decades, the original bubble tea was constantly being renewed. Stores around the world are still experimenting with new flavors, supplements, and concoctions. Traditional tea rooms across Asia have also joined the bubble tea craze and the trend has spread to countries like Singapore, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

“Satisfy your cravings and make a delicious cup of bubble milk tea in today’s interactive Doodle featuring Taiwan’s native Formosan mountain dog (China) and a group of familiar Doodle characters” – Google emphasize.

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