Google says that the gap between the screen and the camera body of the Pixel 5 is a very common thing in the design

Tram Ho

Pixel 5 smartphones have just been delivered to users, but soon there have been many reports regarding hardware failures. These users said that their Pixel 5 has a gap between the screen and the body. This gap causes many people to fear it will affect the water resistance or possibly let dust get inside the Pixel 5.

However, recently, Google has made a statement saying that the gap between the screen and the body of the Pixel 5 is a very normal thing in the design. Therefore, this is not a design error and also not a problem that users need to worry about.

Google nói rằng khe hở giữa màn hình và thân máy của Pixel 5 là một điều rất bình thường trong thiết kế - Ảnh 1.

In addition, Google also confirmed that this gap will not affect the water and dust resistance of the Pixel 5 smartphone. Other functions of the smartphone are not affected. Thanks to that, users can feel some peace of mind and continue to use their Pixel 5.

It’s not clear how common the gap problem is on the Pixel 5s at the moment, does all Pixel 5s do? But at present, it still makes users feel uncomfortable, although it does not affect the features and experience of using, but still has a little impact on the aesthetics of the smartphone.

Reference: theverge

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