Google removes paid extensions in its Chrome browser

Tram Ho

According to today’s announcement, Google will remove the paid extensions in the Chrome browser, offered in the Chrome Web Store. That means developers will no longer be able to make money selling Chrome extensions, and will instead have to find another form of payment. Chrome Web Store will also only have free extensions.

According to Google, starting on Monday, developers will no longer be able to create new paid extensions for the Chrome browser. Previously, Google also planned for this decision and announced to developers.

Google loại bỏ các tiện ích trả phí trong trình duyệt Chrome - Ảnh 1.

Not only that, according to Google’s schedule, by the beginning of 2021, all forms of payment will also be eliminated. Accordingly, Chrome extensions will have no way to charge users, from spending money to own the extension to signing up for a monthly subscription.

Google will also aggressively punish extensions for fraud and spam. Google also won’t allow developers to manipulate the Chrome Web Store reviews in order to rank their extensions.

Reference: theverge

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