Galaxy Z Fold3/Flip3 achieved great success in the international market

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Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 folding screen duo that “stirred” the technology market in the second half of 2021. The new Galaxy Z duo this year brings many notable upgrades and technologies, especially the camera technology hidden under the screen for the first time appeared, along with the screen has also been improved to give users a premium experience.

Galaxy Z Fold3/Flip3 đạt thành công lớn tại thị trường quốc tế - Ảnh 1.

Although the price is relatively high compared to most smartphones in the same high-end segment, thanks to the uniqueness in the user experience as well as the values ​​​​that the Galaxy Z duo brings to users this year, the product line Samsung’s folding screen products are currently receiving great attention from users.

Big win at home Korea

The Korean market is one of the markets where Samsung has achieved much success with the Galaxy Z duo this year. According to media reports, although it has not yet been officially opened for sale, in Korea alone, the number of pre-orders for both Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 has reached 450,000 orders in just one week. open sale. Experts forecast the number of orders of the Galaxy Z duo could reach 800,000 when the order programs end.

Galaxy Z Fold3/Flip3 đạt thành công lớn tại thị trường quốc tế - Ảnh 2.

If last year, when the Galaxy Z Fold2 was launched, users were still not really ready for the era of folding screens, as evidenced by the number of orders for this device only reaching the threshold of 80,000 units. Now, the new Galaxy Z series has affirmed its position in the technology world, thereby helping users easily access new technologies.

Fastidious Western markets like the UK and US are also where Samsung has reaped the rewards of its new Galaxy Z series. According to a survey by GSMArena site, up to 26.3% of users participating in the survey said that they have been pre-ordering Galaxy Z Fold3, this number for Z Flip3 is 24.7%; while ⅓ of the participants said they would consider choosing the new Galaxy Z series when receiving positive reviews.

Galaxy Z Fold3/Flip3 đạt thành công lớn tại thị trường quốc tế - Ảnh 3.
This shows that Samsung is gradually conquering even difficult markets. The new Galaxy Z series is also predicted by experts to attract many users who are bored with old and outdated designs to switch to a more revolutionary folding screen smartphone.

Breakthrough is the key to the success of this year’s Galaxy Z

Maintaining the vision of previous folding screen smartphones, this year’s Galaxy Z series continues to bring breakthrough and revolutionary changes. Once an expensive product line, difficult to reach users in the early days of its launch, Galaxy Z gradually removed prejudices about folding screen technology, increasingly asserting this as a bright element. Create to help change the user experience of using smartphones.

If with Apple, Samsung’s big competitor in the current market still goes in the safe direction, giving users products that are no longer too innovative, retaining users only thanks to a binding and expensive ecosystem. With red, with Samsung, users will experience more novel elements, and also help the era of folding screens become more popular thanks to Samsung’s ever-improving ecosystem.

Galaxy Z Fold3/Flip3 đạt thành công lớn tại thị trường quốc tế - Ảnh 4.

The Galaxy Z duo in addition to the unique folding screen technology on the market, this year’s product line brings a super-premium device worthy of class. Thanks to the leading powerful performance factor, modern technology such as the first appearance of a hidden camera under the screen or an outstanding fashion design,… In which, Galaxy Z Flip3 attracts many new customer files. , especially users of the ultra-premium segment and young users thanks to the outstanding color tone application and many exclusive accessories. Not to mention the attractive price along with the increasingly complete Samsung ecosystem is also a factor in the success of this year’s Galaxy Z series.

Although folding screen technology has been developed for many years now, in the current market, Samsung is a really successful manufacturer with the folding screen Galaxy Z series. Samsung itself is also the world’s largest manufacturer of flexible display panels, so they know how to improve the Galaxy Z series to match the user experience.

Galaxy Z Fold3/Flip3 đạt thành công lớn tại thị trường quốc tế - Ảnh 5.

Galaxy Z is a product line aimed at users who love breakthroughs and novelty in experiences. No longer going in the safe direction that many other manufacturers are still doing, Samsung’s folding screen smartphone is now a product line with an innovative vision, both to give users a truly new experience. cool, both to affirm Samsung’s position in the high-end smartphone market.

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