FPT Shop offers gifts up to 1.95 million VND to customers who buy Galaxy Tab A7

Tram Ho

Accordingly, from October 16-22, just bring any old smartphone or tablet to FPT Shop, including products without boxes or accessories, you will get an instant discount of 1,000,000 VND when choosing to own. the new Galaxy Tab A7 tablet. At the same time, FPT Shop also gives you genuine Samsung leather case worth 950,000 VND.

Equally practical, you can easily own Galaxy Tab A7 at FPT Shop through the 0% interest installment offer with very simple procedures and fast browsing documents, you can even get support from away without going to the store.

To receive all the above incentives, customers can choose to buy Galaxy Tab A7 directly at more than 620 FPT Shop stores nationwide or order online for free home delivery right here .

FPT Shop tặng quà đến 1,95 triệu cho khách mua Galaxy Tab A7 - Ảnh 1.

Choose to launch Galaxy Tab A7 at FPT Shop from now to October 22, you will receive a discount worth 1.95 million VND

It is known that Galaxy Tab A7 is Samsung’s latest mid-range tablet product. This tablet converges outstanding advanced technologies such as a large 10.4-inch screen, a four-speaker system with great sound, impressive performance and modern design.

Galaxy Tab A7 is currently sold at FPT Shop for 7,990,000 VND with 2 color versions, Gold Bronze and Thien Thach Gray.

Why should you buy at FPT Shop?

Choose to buy phones, laptops, accessories, … at FPT Shop, not only will you receive many attractive incentives but also enjoy additional support services to help you easily own your favorite technology item as well as peace of mind. use the product.

Firstly, in addition to experiencing and choosing to buy products directly at the system of more than 620 stores across the country, you can choose to buy online, FPT Shop will deliver goods to your place within 60 minutes.

Secondly, products at FPT Shop will be under warranty according to IMEI, so it is very accurate and convenient, you will not have to worry about losing documents and invoices. You will be given a free one-to-one for 30 days if the product you buy has a manufacturer’s fault, with accessories covered by a one-for-one-year warranty.

Third, for those who are wondering about financial issues, they can choose to buy 0% interest installment installment because the installment procedure at FPT Shop is very simple and the application is quickly approved within 15 minutes, even you. can be supported remotely without going to a store. At the same time, FPT Shop has many forms of installment payment such as 0% interest installment or 0 VND prepayment with many reputable financiers and banks for you to choose from. In addition, if you choose to buy most products on installment payment at FPT Shop, you still receive the same benefits as buying directly.

FPT Shop tặng quà đến 1,95 triệu cho khách mua Galaxy Tab A7 - Ảnh 2.

You can choose to buy with 0% interest installment payment for Galaxy Tab A7 with very simple procedure at FPT Shop.

Products purchased at FPT Shop are genuine, customers can choose to buy directly at the store, buy online or call hotline 1800 6601 for advice and quick purchase.

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