Epson presents a new printing solution for businesses

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New industrial grade fabric printing solutions for businesses in high demand

The SureColor SC-F10030 is Epson’s first sublimation fabric thermal transfer printer to design four new generation PrecisionCore ™ Micro TFP printheads, with print speeds of up to 255 m² / hour. With the adoption of Precision Dot Technology, which includes three components: Micro Weave, Lookup Table (LUT) and Halftone, the Epson SureColor SC-F10030 is capable of delivering outstanding quality even at high speed with reduced noise , increased durability and uniformity in all products.

Epson trình làng giải pháp in mới dành cho doanh nghiệp - Ảnh 1.

Epson Precision Dot Technology delivers outstanding print quality for every product

Micro Weave is a special printing mode that is used to improve print quality by selectively applying sophisticated algorithms to eliminate streaks. Along with that, the LUT technology allows users to match colors that match the printed material. Combined with the new Halftone technology, also known as Multi-Layer Halftone, brings higher color quality, avoiding errors in the incorrectly generated ink particles.

Not only that, the SureColor SC-F10030 is also equipped with an Auto Adjustment feature that keeps the print quality stable based on the actual printed pattern without human intervention. Furthermore, the RGB scanner on the print head is also capable of reading print patterns and automatically adjusting, selecting the right parameters related to the paper feed adjustment (Paper Feeding Adjustment) and print head adjustment (Print. Head Adjustment).

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The RGB scanner automatically adjusts parameters for the best product quality

Maximize uptime

In addition to its many built-in features, the SC-F10030 allows users to easily replace the printhead and printhead ink-drying protection cap with the “User Self-Repair” function. From there, printers are restored faster, reducing downtime and increasing reliability for users.

To cater to businesses with large printing needs, the SureColor SC-F10030 operates with a Large Ink Supply System of up to 10 liters, minimizing frequent ink changes. Besides, with the Hot Swap function, users can refill ink while the printer is operating. In addition, the machine will automatically activate the remaining cartridge automatically when the used cartridge is exhausted.

Epson trình làng giải pháp in mới dành cho doanh nghiệp - Ảnh 3.

SureColor SC-F10030 optimizes uptime

To improve the overall customer experience, EPSON also offers an Epson Cloud Solution PORT solution that allows users to easily check the machine status and assist in on-demand troubleshooting from any computer or device. smart through the Production Monitor feature.

About Epson Vietnam

With the aim of strengthening Epson’s business and branding in the region, Epson Vietnam was officially established on April 1, 2018 by Seiko Epson Corporation and Epson Singapore. With continuous development, Epson has gradually asserted its position by providing solutions for Vietnamese businesses with its products.

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