Early builds of iOS 14 have been available on the internet for months

Tram Ho

According to a new report from Vice, many security researchers, hackers and bloggers have approached the first version of iOS 14 “at least from February.” There has been a lot of leaked information about iOS 14 appearing in the past few months, and it seems that the source of this information comes from the first version of the iPhone operating system.

Usually small pieces of information about Apple’s software updates will leak just weeks or months before Apple officially introduces them. But what’s unusual for the leaked news about iOS 14 this time is that they came months ago – this could be the first time this information has come so early.

Bản build sớm của iOS 14 đã xuất hiện trên internet từ nhiều tháng nay - Ảnh 1.

Currently the iOS 14 leaked features include a new fitness app, an PencilKit API for the company’s stylus, updates to iMessage, a new home screen, and trial capabilities. Third-party apps by scanning a QR code, and iCloud Keychain will be overhauled, among other things.

However, if these features are based on the iOS 14 leak from December of last year, it is entirely possible that Apple will delay or even cancel them before officially introducing this new version of iOS.

In previous years, Apple often shared a new iOS beta for developers at the WWDC Developer conference in June. This is likely to remain this year but with the WWDC conference held online on June 22. Then new versions of iOS will be brought to users alongside the new iPhone versions.

Refer to The Verge

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