Dat Bike launches 2nd generation electric motorbike: 6,000W powerful motor and many modern technologies

Tram Ho

At the beginning of the event, Dat Bike Weaver 200 appeared through a dynamic and personality video inherited from the classic design of the first product line. The successor car makes a breakthrough with improvements in battery and performance.

Dat Bike ra mắt xe máy điện thế hệ 2: Động cơ mạnh 6.000W cùng nhiều công nghệ hiện đại - Ảnh 1.

In the 2nd generation Weaver, the car is upgraded with a 72V Lithium-ion battery pack, with a capacity of 68Ah. Users travel further with a distance of 200km with an ideal speed of 35 km / h after 3 hours of fully charging the battery. Dat Bike said that, compared with electric vehicles on the market, the battery of Weaver 200 has high durability, 15 years of use time and can be recycled with a usage efficiency of 70-80%.

In addition, Dat Bike is also equipped with fast charging technology for the “rookie” Weaver 200 to help the car conquer a distance of 100km with the first hour. Users can plug in the charger whenever convenient without worrying about battery bottles or reducing the life of the battery. These improvements help customers be more active in recharging the vehicle with a journey of 100-200km.

Choosing to start a business in the technology field, change is something Dat Bike always considers in order to bring more and more perfect products. Therefore, in this new version, Weaver 200 uses RFID magnetic cards and IoT features to replace traditional locks. Specifically, the car has two ways to unlock / lock, users only need to touch the magnetic card to the area with the unlock icon to start the car, or through the application on the phone, the car will automatically turn on / off when the power is on. the phone to get close to/away from the car without any other action. Each vehicle will have a separate card and the vehicle will only be unlocked when the user uses the correct registered card, increasing security as well as effective anti-theft.

Dat Bike ra mắt xe máy điện thế hệ 2: Động cơ mạnh 6.000W cùng nhiều công nghệ hiện đại - Ảnh 2.

With the desire to support users to soon own electric motorbikes, Dat Bike offers many attractive promotions for customers. Specifically, customers who order the Weaver 200 before February 31, 2022 will receive a 10-year warranty including battery failure. For customers who are far away, unable to participate in the test drive, Dat Bike implements a free return policy after two days of receiving the car if there is an unsatisfactory problem. At the same time, Dat Bike applies a new old collection policy that applies to all Weaver customers, only Ho Chi Minh City users can exchange petrol cars and make up for the difference.

Dat Bike ra mắt xe máy điện thế hệ 2: Động cơ mạnh 6.000W cùng nhiều công nghệ hiện đại - Ảnh 3.

Although Covid-19 caused serious damage to businesses, Dat Bike not only stood firm but also rose up quite impressively. Currently, Dat Bike’s sales have increased 8 times compared to the same period last year. However, launching a new product in the present time for a young business is a risky decision. In response to questions about the launch of a new “war horse” right after the gap, Mr. Canh Son explained that Dat Bike wanted to seize the opportunity that the store would be open after a long time of separation to “launch” new products. .

This is also the time when people realize that health is important, and everyone wants to live in a better environment after the events caused by Covid-19. However, better is a macro concept that one individual cannot deal with all. “For Son alone, it’s better simply a greener environment, and the greenhouse effect is reduced in the long term – where we can all breathe clean air without the smog from vehicles.” , representative of Dat Bike shared.

Dat Bike ra mắt xe máy điện thế hệ 2: Động cơ mạnh 6.000W cùng nhiều công nghệ hiện đại - Ảnh 4.

Besides, according to the motto “limit is to overcome”, Dat Bike aims to bring a different perspective to electric vehicles, better meet the needs of customers, help people confidently choose a car. electricity as a means of daily transportation. Within the framework of this launch event, CEO Dat Bike also stated the future development direction of the business.

“Dat Bike aims to make Vietnam a country using electric vehicles as the main means of transportation, gradually reaching the mission of converting all 250 million petrol motorbikes in Southeast Asia into electric vehicles and other vehicles. Petrol will completely disappear in the not too distant future. Besides, there is a vision of a Vietnam that can become the leading country in Asia, and even globally in electric vehicles,” CEO Nguyen Ba Canh Son affirmed. determined.

Dat Bike ra mắt xe máy điện thế hệ 2: Động cơ mạnh 6.000W cùng nhiều công nghệ hiện đại - Ảnh 5.

In general, this event is also a milestone marking the efforts and success of the electric motorcycle brand of Vietnam origin. With improvements and upgrades in battery and capacity, Weaver 200 is expected to bring many breakthroughs in the domestic and international electric motorcycle market, helping Dat Bike step by step closer to its mission.

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