Chinese electric car company launches electric SUV that charges for 5 minutes and travels 200 km – dreams of surpassing Tesla, BYD

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Chinese electric vehicle startup Xpeng recently launched the G9, a fast-charging SUV that will help it compete with Tesla and giants like BYD in the domestic market.

Depending on the specific version chosen, the G9 will cost between $43,800 and $66,400 in China (at current exchange rates). At this price, it will rival the Tesla Model Y (Model costs from 45,000 for the standard version – 59,000 for the sports version.)

Xpeng is also targeting the European market and will launch the G9 in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. This SUV is capable of traveling up to 702 km, an impressive number in the electric vehicle market to date. Charging the battery will also become easy with a quick charge time. According to Xpeng, owners will not need to wait too long while their car is charging. The company also claims that this will be the fastest electric car in the world.”

Hãng xe điện Trung Quốc ra mắt SUV điện sạc 5 phút đi 200 km - mơ vượt mặt Tesla, BYD - Ảnh 1.


Not only that, at Xpeng’s high-capacity charging stations, some models have the ability to travel an additional 200 km after just 5 minutes of charging. Like Tesla, Xpeng is building its own charging network. It currently has 1,000 charging stations in China and plans to add another 500 with peak capacity plugs by 2023.

When comparing charging stations, the company says, Tesla owners can get an extra 200 miles after 15 minutes of charging when charging with the Supercharger charger. Lucid Motors, another electric vehicle startup, says its first luxury sedan can increase the range of 300 km in 22 minutes, under optimal conditions.

Hãng xe điện Trung Quốc ra mắt SUV điện sạc 5 phút đi 200 km - mơ vượt mặt Tesla, BYD - Ảnh 2.

Xpeng’s simulated charging station

As for the standard G9 models, their battery pack when charging will increase from 10% to 80% in a short 15 minutes. The SUV will also be capable of two-way charging, allowing battery power to be shared with other devices.

In terms of engines, the car has an all-wheel drive performance model that promises to hit 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds. In addition to fast acceleration, stable dynamic range and impressive charging speed, G9 also has an eye-catching and luxurious design. The company also promises the car is capable of navigating highways (including intersections), changing lanes and automatically driving to saved parking spots.

The G9 will go on sale in China in October and then expand to international markets.

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