CDP TechNote # 1: I already know how CDP is

Tram Ho

CDP – Customer Data Platform is not a new concept. Speaking of CDP, many people know what it is, especially for marketing people, because this is a tool for marketers.

Definition of CPD (according to CDP Institute): “A CDP is a marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems.”

For me, although I have never done CPD, I have worked with digital agencies and partners using CDP, DMP, CRM … With the build of integrated systems around them, I can understand CDP faster. A lot of people (from dev to marketers always) confuse CDP with DMP and CRM. This google came out right away so I won’t say it again. I just made notes to record how I approached and developed CDP over time.

Back 3 months before I knew what CDP was, I developed a tracking and funnel system for Dofhunt. The reason is that the firebase is not playing well and the delay is too long. This tracking information, when brought back to the in-house system, has worked well beyond expectations, helping me “decode” many user behaviors, even detect fraud install when running facebook ads. Succeeding this first step, I am interested in this field. Back then, I liked to open tracking Dofhunt system to look at numbers and graphs like playing stock, because of realtime, so I was even more happy ^^.

I almost formed a team to follow this path and commercialize it as an analytics tool for the retail industry. However, in Vietnam, most people just want to upsale, increase orders but few people care about things like statistics, learn this and that. To do this, I know it must be very bloody new face “sale” for you to grow. Not to mention that I was just doing good tracking, there were many top track tools … so I gave up on this idea.

At this moment, I went to consult the system for the parties, I accidentally heard a few keywords like 360 ​​view of customer, unify customer data and all that. But these things are also very interesting to me. After several searches, it popped up CDP.

CDP really conquered itself right from the 101st slide, or the demo of BlueShift, Segment, Treasure Data. Truly stunned with extremely valuable features for marketers. When I know your price / month, I’m shocked at episode 2 =)).

Okie, h analyzed the CDP to try it. On the CDP system, there are the following core modules / systems:

Well … it’s been a long time, there’s nothing in the next article =))

P / S: CDP is a martech (marketing + technology), technology content is very high, one of the products that intersects both Online / Offline Transacttion, Big Data, AI / ML, super large download (making SaaS even bigger) .

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Source : Viblo