Boeing bets big on drone taxi company, joint venture with Google founder Larry Page

Tram Ho

Boeing recently invested an additional $450 million in aviation startup Wisk Aero to develop unmanned electric planes designed to move passengers around cities.

Wisk Aero says the investment makes it one of the most heavily funded Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) companies.

Wisk Aero was established in 2019 as a joint venture between Boeing and Kitty Hawk Corporation. Kitty Hawk Corporation is an electric aircraft manufacturer founded by entrepreneur Sebastian Thrun and Google co-founder Larry Page. In May 2021, Wisk Aero signed its first agreement to operate air taxis in the US.

Boeing đặt cược lớn vào công ty taxi bay không người lái liên doanh với nhà sáng lập Google Larry Page - Ảnh 1.

More and more big names want to participate in drone taxi development projects. Boeing’s new investment comes as the number of aviation startups has skyrocketed, attracting billions of dollars in investment.

Wisk CEO Gary Gysin said: ” We are entering the next phase of growth, this additional funding provides us with capital, while allowing us to continue to focus into our core business and our number one priority, safety.”

Although the joint venture is expected to operate nearly 14 million flights annually, it has not been determined when it will be ready to operate.

Boeing đặt cược lớn vào công ty taxi bay không người lái, liên doanh với nhà sáng lập Google Larry Page - Ảnh 2.

Wisk’s sixth-generation eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle) will be the first candidate for the certification of “self-propelled, all-electric and passenger aircraft,” according to the company statement. passengers in the US”.

Competitors like Airbus and Embraer are also developing their own similar vehicles, but one of the key challenges all face is achieving production certification.

Airlines Boeing and Alaska recently teamed up to test new technology and develop eco-friendly aircraft in an effort to combat climate change.

Reference: BI

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