Apple’s new Mac Pro has been among the easiest devices to repair in decades

Tram Ho

For years now, Apple products have always been underestimated for repair capabilities, but this is no longer true for the new Mac Pro. Apple's new computer has been awarded an iFixit 9/10 points for repair ability, even calling it "Fixmas Miracle" (the Christmas miracle of repair ability).

IFixit repair experts appreciate the ability to open and replace internal components without any tools. Even Apple has printed a number of steps and how to install the components to support the repair.

Mac Pro mới của Apple lọt top thiết bị dễ sửa chữa nhất trong cả thập kỷ nay - Ảnh 1.

This is a big step for Apple in terms of product repair capabilities. New iPhones and recently released laptops all received very poor repair scores. But the new Mac Pro is completely different. It is not only easy to remove but also looks for spare parts or upgrades.

The 9to5Mac page can even upgrade RAM itself with components available on the market, saving a lot of money compared to upgrading through Apple. Meanwhile, iFixit also emphasized that the Mac Pro processor uses a modular design, allowing users to easily upgrade themselves.

Despite its positive points, the new Mac Pro still has a minus. iFixit pointed out that the computer's SSD is tightly tied to the T2 security chip, so "user replacements are impossible", and only a handful of parties are licensed to repair it. This means that some parts will be difficult to find or very expensive if they need repair or replacement.

Mac Pro mới của Apple lọt top thiết bị dễ sửa chữa nhất trong cả thập kỷ nay - Ảnh 2.

The pogo pins (circled in red and orange) help the computer automatically shut down when the chassis is removed.

In addition to the repair capabilities, iFixit also pointed out some reasonable design details on the new Mac Pro. The most special of these is the pogo pins below the power button of the computer, meaning it will automatically turn off the computer when you remove the chassis. A very small feature, but also very interesting.

As for why Apple has made such a step towards the repair capabilities of the new Mac Pro – iFixit predicts that perhaps the company needs to do something with the right to repair laws – this will be news Great for any business that wants to use and maintain the Mac Pro for a long time. Obviously, with the Mac Pro's incredible price, users will not want to have to constantly go to the repair shop whenever needed.

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