Apple M1X revealed: 12 cores, extreme performance, equipped on the 16-inch MacBook Pro released next year

Tram Ho

The ARM era with Apple Silicon has officially begun on Apple’s newly launched Macs. While the M1 chip is currently “clearing” on many “fronts” that make big competitors like Intel or AMD have to be wary, recently, information about a more upgraded version of the M1 chip, is said to be will be called M1X, appearing on the 16-inch MacBook Pro line coming out next year even more surprised by the terrible performance that this chip brings.

Apple M1X lộ diện: 12 nhân, hiệu năng cực khủng, trang bị trên MacBook Pro 16 inch ra mắt vào năm sau - Ảnh 1.

Specifically, a famous Twitter leaker nicknamed LeaksApplePro, who previously made many accurate predictions about the Apple product line recently revealed some initial information about the new Apple M1X chip.

This M1X chip is expected to appear on the 16-inch MacBook Pro generation launched next year. It will consist of 12 cores (8 efficiency cores and 4 energy efficiency cores). The Leaker also said his source confirmed: “If you think the M1 chip is fast, it is because you have not used the M1X” , showing that the performance of the 16-inch M1X MacBook Pro could be much better compared to the current M1 chip has been evaluated to be extremely powerful. In addition, the name M1X is not an official name.

Apple M1X lộ diện: 12 nhân, hiệu năng cực khủng, trang bị trên MacBook Pro 16 inch ra mắt vào năm sau - Ảnh 2.

If the information LeaksApplePro gives is correct, the new M1X chip will be an extremely formidable opponent of Intel or AMD. Currently, the new M1 chip is only the beginning of Apple in the plan to switch to ARM platform and has received positive feedback from the community, in the coming time, with more powerful MacBook generations such as 16 inch Pro version, iMac, Mac Pro, these Macs will even give competitors “smoke” in terms of performance. It will also be around the time when application developers start optimizing ARM-based applications.

For now, it’s not clear when Apple will release the next Mac models running ARM chips. As predicted by “fellow” Ming-chi Kuo, the new design Macs will only be released in the second half of next year, not at the March event as previously rumored. After all, Apple Silicon chips are believed to have enormous potential in Apple’s transition, taking place at least over the next two years.

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