Apple launches new Apple Watch and iPad when the majority of employees work remotely

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Apple CEO Tim Cook said he was extremely impressed with his employees’ ability to work remotely and predicts that some new work habits will be maintained after the Covid-19 epidemic ends.

In an interview with The Atlantic Festival on Monday, Tim Cook said that Apple created products including the new Apple Watch and iPad that came out a few days ago even though most of the employees worked remotely on translation. Covid-19.

 Apple ra mắt Apple Watch và iPad mới khi phần lớn nhân viên làm việc từ xa - Ảnh 1.

Cook said he doesn’t believe Apple “will go back to normal because we have found that something is actually going very well.”

However, there are still a few comments that oppose the point of the Apple CEO. Typically Netflex leaders. This guy recently called working remotely “completely negative”. Meanwhile, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon warned that there will be long-term losses if employees do not return to the office soon.

Cook says 10 to 15 percent of Apple employees are back in the office now, and he hopes the majority of employees can return to the company’s new Silicon Valley headquarters next year.

Since the arrival of the Covid-19 epidemic, major technology firms in the US have quickly decided to let their employees work from home to avoid the spread. Since then, a few companies, including Facebook and Google, have considered allowing the majority of their employees to continue working from home, even at home forever if their work. allow.

Specifically, Facebook allows 48,000 Facebook workers to work from home permanently. Meanwhile, most Microsoft employees are expected to return to the office until the end of next summer. Some other technology companies allow employees to work from home permanently such as Twitter, Square, …

However, with the decision for home workers, there will be changes to the salary and bonus policy accordingly. A good example is that of Facebook. They ask the employee for a location and then begin to adjust the salary accordingly. The company plans to pay new employees based on the market prices in which they live.

“That means if you live in a place where the cost of living is significantly lower or the cost of labor is lower, then the wages tend to be a bit lower. You are better off living in a big city. ”The Apple leader also said that the company focuses on policy rather than politics when asked about his discussions with President Donald Trump.

Cook was also asked how long he plans to lead Apple. The answer is: “We’ll wait and see. At some point, of course we’ll have to do something else.”

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